The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


There is nothing to hate about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This was a masterful piece of cinematic adventure. However unloved by Tolkien’s family, there is no denying the success of, not only what was brought to the theaters, but also what the extended cuts brought to our homes. This certainly not the rotoscoped animation that we saw in 1978, at the time (2001) this was the pinnacle of CGI effects. That along with a wonderful cast, has made a legacy of the classic story.

In this installment of the franchise, we see Bilbo Baggins, 50 years after finding a magic ring in the goblin cave. Accepting that it is time for him to move on, he passes the ring to his nephew, Frodo. After the wizard, Gandalf discovers the dark truth of its origins, it’s up to Frodo, his cousins Pippin and Merry, and Samwise, to leave the Shire on the quest to destroy the ring and rid the world of it’s evil.

This was truly, the Epic adventure of our time. Brought to life by Peter Jackson, the most likely of directors. If you’re questioning why I state this, then you haven’t seen his early works. I’m not bringing this up out of spite or dislike of Jackson’s work.. I’m only saying that he found himself in Middle Earth, which is a far cry from “Bad Taste“, his first movie.

Author: Jethal