Darkness Falls


The opening scene of Darkness Falls showed promise. There was fear, suspense, and a very creepy looking antagonist. From there, it all goes downhill, and the rest of this movie, in my eyes, is a disappointment in story, plot and completely unlikable characters.

Jethal and Tock sat down for a discussion of this movie, in an episode of The Monster Club.. Here

  • Everyone in town is hostile toward Kyle, the guy who’s been away for 12 years.
    • Bar fight with local
    • Ray is mad because no one had a chance with Caitlin after he left.. she was like 12 years old at the time.. come on, really?
  • Police are all dicks
    • Unbelievable story or not, the cops are all total dicks
    • Local dick is killed, arrest Kyle immediately.
  • Everyone who isn’t a dick, seems to be dumb as hell
  • Tooth Fairy is attacking on the hospital stairs
    • Officer Matt drives through the door of the hospital, saving them.
    • How did he know where they were?
    • Why the hell did it drive his Jeep through the door to begin with?
  • Jump scare
    • Was the cat really necessary?
  • They go to the Lighthouse and approach the generator room
    • “This must be it”
    • What, the caged in machinery with an “Emergency Generator” sign on the door? Do you think so?
  • Stupid plot device.
    • I’m not an electrician, but it seems to me that there wouldn’t be a fuel line going upstairs, if the tank and generator are downstairs..
  • There’s Gas Everywhere!
    • Drops a kerosene lamp, nothing catches on fire
  • Inconsistent Lore
    • Tooth Fairy can not go into the light..
    • Ending scene has her holding Kyle by the throat directly in the Lighthouse light.
  • Dealing with Tooth Fairy
    • Why is everyone trying to stay awake?
    • Sleep during the day. Problem Solved.
Author: Jethal