The Ridiculous 6


An outlaw who was raised by Native Americans discovers that he has five half-brothers; together the men go on a mission to find their wayward, deadbeat dad.

I hate Adam Sandler. I hate almost everything he’s done. He plays the same character in every movie, the perpetual man-child, spouting gibberish, or screaming at the top of this lungs in some sort of uncontrollable rage.

That being said. I didn’t hate this movie. In fact, this is the ONLY movie, starring Sandler, that I don’t despise. Why? Probably because he wasn’t the primary comic center. He actually played the straight man to the comedy timing of the rest of the cast – and it worked.

Going forward, I would hope that Adam continue to leave comedy to people who are genuinely funny, and not just a bumbling asshat.

Author: Jethal