The Forest


This film was one of those opportunities to make something creepy, something that sneaks up on you in the middle of the night and makes you hide under your blankets… And then Jump Scares. I was so disappointing in the mere amount of jump scares in this movie. By the time the end credits rolled, my eyes were rolling as well.

There was no reason for it. You had the perfect surrounding.

A dark, creepy, forest. Think of all you could have accomplished with figures just out of focus, within the trees.. making use of the audio surrounding us with whispers in the dark, and just creepy ambient sounds. OH, you did all that. Yes, this movie had all those things.. and then messed it all up with pointless jump scares.

The acting, the effects, the story. It’s all good, it really is. They didn’t need to cheapen the experience with bad jumps. And, that’s exactly what it was.. a cheapening of the experience.

If you are not like me, and love jump scares.. by all means, go see this one.. seriously, it’s a good movie.

Author: Jethal