American Backwoods: SLEW HAMPSHIRE


Although touting a “Slew” of praise from multiple sources (see below), what is painfully missing is a lack of any coherent story, character development or definition of what this movie actually was supposed to be. Was it a Backwoods Hillbilly Slasher? A teen slasher? A monster movie? Redneck Slasher? Hell, it had all of that in one big jumble of gore and, what I can only describe as, “Tremble-Cam” (to hell with Shaky-Cam). And Gay Rape.. let’s not forget all of the Gay Rape scenes. Really, did there HAVE to be so much Gay Rape?

As far as independent Horror goes, this movie wasn’t too bad, I have certainly seen a lot worse. Perhaps it could have benefited with a few re-writes here and there and a bit more in the budget. But, I can honestly say that I haven’t actually made a movie.. so I honestly couldn’t say that I could do better.

Not “Movie of the Year”, but I didn’t turn it off, and that’s saying something.

Given a little research on Google Maps, I think I found the location of these events.. At the end of the Movie, there a mile marker, indicating “← Manchester 183mi / Canda 3mi →”. There is no place where this makes sense, except Connecticut Lakes State Forest, Route 3 (Daniel Webster Hwy) in NH, just south of the Canadian boarder. It even as a river and small lake, as depicted by the movie.

Now, as a native of New Hampshire, I did have an issue with the Over the Top accents.. yes, there is a distinct New England dialect, along with a mixture of English and French over tones.. but you dropped way too many “r”s and made it more of a South-Boston, rather than NH.

  • “Goriest Scene Of The Year . . . a sumptuous visual feast” – Rue Morgue
  • An intense and gory little surprise of a horror film . . . Highly recommended” – Ain’t It Cool News
  • The kind of indie horror movie every filmmaker should aspire to make.” – The Film Splice
  • “One of the most gleefully gruesome movies you’re likely to see this year.” – Attack of the Couch Potato
  • “A high-tempo celebration of backwoods depravity” – Film Threat
  • “Gnarly, graphic and in your face” – Film Bizarro
  • “Brilliant style . . . a truly joyous experience for all fans of splatter!” – Extreme Horror Cinema
  • “American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a gore lover’s delight.” – Thy Demons Be Scribblin
  • “An ultra-gory, in-your-face, Deliverance-inspired backwoods nightmare.” – Johnny Veins
  • “Gloriously gory . . . a wicked sense of black humour.” – Haddonfield Horror
  • “If you are a gore hound, you absolutely have to check out the film.” – Dreadworld
  • “Remains tense and entertaining throughout . . . Definitely worth a look!” – Search My Trash
  • “The story is elevated, next-level insanity; the characters are dark and evolved.” – A Southern Life in Scandalous Times
Author: Jethal