Friends on a camping trip discover that the town they’re vacationing in is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space.

With beautiful cinematography, scenic locations and some pretty good acting, you’d expect this to be a blockbuster hit.. or not. There’s one down fall to this, visually fantastic, film. The story is so ridiculously stupid and the screenplay so poorly written, that you just can’t take it seriously. In fact, so poorly imagined that, Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan later admitted that the film’s failure, had wounded his career, later preventing him from getting two future films produced. (source: IMDB)

There is a gross lack of subtlety, leaving nothing to wonder and imagination with explanations for every aspect of their actions as adults foreshadowed in flashes to their childhood adventures. Which is something Stephen King did a lot in his mid-career – As if the narrative expects that everything that we say and do in our childhood will become important in our adult lives.. even watching Mighty Mouse.

Perhaps one of the worst tragedies of this film, is the only thing that is not explained.. Why it called “Dreamcatcher”? Oh, they made a dreamcatcher when they were kids.. but it had nothing to do with the story, and it seems as if he just needed a title, and then forced the dreamcatcher into the story to make it have some sort of relevance.

This was a horrible, horrible story, which tore the spine out of some very nice visuals..

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Author: Jethal