The ancient vampire Count Dracula arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina.

Ah, the quintessential classic of Horror. To some, there is no other Dracula than Bela Lugosi. And though Bela’s performance was, indeed, worthy of praise, this film is very dated by the supporting cast and their 1930’s Hollywood style.

The true unfortunate fact of this movie is that it followed very little of the source material, in fact, just enough to call it “Dracula”. The remake, made in 1992, though filled with troubling acting itself.. was much more true to the original book.

After watching this movie, I have much blame to be placed upon the director. There is simply too much which goes without explanation, and the ending just cuts out.. in the final scene, we see Mina and John after the death of Dracula. Van Helsing says that he is staying behind.. John and Mina leave.. and that’s it!? Why didn’t Van Helsing go with them? It seems to me that there was a scene cut and they didnt bother to reshoot that last line.

By today’s standards, this movie barely makes it into the horror genre, perfectly safe for the kids.

Author: Jethal