Independence Day: Resurgence


We had 20 years to prepare for their arrival.. so did they. They showed up with a ship 3,000 miles wide. We had to suspend a shit load of disbelief to watch this movie… Spoilers ahead!

Spoiler Alert

I’m not a scientist, geologist or seismologist, but I think a ship the size of the United States of America landed on this planet.. we’re done, we’re finished, and there is no where on the planet that would be safe from the earthquakes, tsunamis, and shockwave that thing would cause. I’m sorry.. but as soon as you say “Ship 3,000 miles across”.. that’s it, we’re done!

Even if we DO defeat the alien invasion, what the hell are we going to do with that ship? I mean, it probably contains more metal ore than the entirety of our planet, has it’s own gravity, and is just sitting on us like a orange peel.

It lands over the ocean.. why? Because anywhere over land, and there’s no story.. it could have squashed the US like a bug.

I’m not gonna lie, despite the massive flaws in the science and physics, this is a fun popcorn muncher of a film.

I have to agree with a lot of the reviewers out there who say that;

  • Everything that made ID4 good, makes this one good
    • Action, Adventure, Story, CG Effects
  • And everything that made ID4 bad, echos in this one.
    • Science, Brent Spiner (sorry, but the comic relief was bad, and didnt need to be there)

I’m going to say.. if you liked ID4, you’re going to like this one.

Author: Jethal