Manos – The Hands of Fate


A family driving through a small town gets lost and winds up at a backwoods shack managed by Torgo, who takes care of it while The Master is away. The Master worships Manos, an evil deity, and he also wears a neat cape. When Torgo lets the family stay, The Master awakens and does mean stuff like burning off Torgo’s hand and sicking his dog on the family pet. Meanwhile, The Master’s wives wrestle for his favor.

In the history of film, not many productions can actually be said were made on a bet. This is one of them. Yes, the Writer, Director, Star, of this laughably bad movie.. did it to win a bet, that he could do it on his own.

This film was made so cheaply, that it was shot silent, and sound (including vocals) where added in post-production. Speaking of the vocals, all of the voice overs where performed by 3 people.. 2 men and a woman.

There are no words to describe how bad this movie is, the only reason I endured it, was due to the Riff’Trax commentary. Which is the only way that I recommend viewing it. Unless you really want your brain to explode.

Author: Jethal