All the blood and gore that we’ve come to expect from Rob Zombie. Unfortunately, also the lack of backstory and character development that we’ve come to expect, as well as being riddled with excessive profanity… which again, par for the course with Rob Zombie’s films. And that was just the first act!

Our lovely group of villains have the most idiotic names ever thought of, in the world of cinema.

  • Father Murder
  • Sister Serpent
  • Sister Dragon
  • Doom-Head
  • Sick-Head
  • Schizo-Head
  • Psycho-Head
  • Death-Head
  • Sex-Head

Taking part in a game, they call, “31” – where they have their killers (the “heads) try to kill our heroes within 12 hours, as they bet on who will survive. Now, the hunt, itself.. was OK as far as horror movies go.. that is, it would have been they’d all just Shut the Hell up with the cheesy one-liners.

I’ll give this movie a strong “meh”

Author: Jethal