When I heard that Netflix was doing a show based on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, I assumed that it was going to be a behind the scenes look at what it took to get the show working, and all the hard work that the performers did to make it happen.

What I got was just that.. but a little different.

None of the characters, including the management, were the original line up. Instead we got a dramatization of that story with original characters and a dramatic story of two friends in the middle of a falling out. I was not disappointed.

I used to watch GLOW in the 80’s. Being a goth kid, I always loved the character of “Dementia”, and was sorry to not see her in this show.. however we did get a surrogate in “Sheila the Wolf Girl” – which I suppose was close enough.

I really enjoyed myself watching this season. Especially some of the cameos by some of today’s pro wrestlers.

  • Kevin Kiley (aka Alex Riley – WWE)
  • John Hennigan (aka John Morrison / Johnny Mundo)
  • George Murdoch (aka Brodus Clay – WWE)
  • Carly Colón (aka Carlito Caribbean Cool – WWE)
  • Joseph Meehan (aka Joey Ryan)
  • Brook Hogan
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Frankie Kazarian

They left themselves open for a 2nd season, and I hope they get it, because I want more!

Author: Jethal