What does EverQuest mean to Me?


What does EverQuest 2​ mean to me? Some of us have been talking about in-game eastereggs.. Here are some that you may not be aware of.. THIS is what Norrath means to me..

  • Jeth’s Cuddly Companion – level 40 Ranger Cosmetic Pet. All 3 Ranger Pets were named for people in the EQ1 Ranger community. I ran EQRangers.COM.
  • In the Hedge Maze, during Nights of the Dead – you can hear a ghost dwarf say “Brell’s Magic Keg is for AAAARRG!!” which is a nod to my song “Brell’s Magic Keg is for Ale
  • In the Isle of Kithicor (waypoint 325, 54, 972) – there is a grave marker, when you mouse-over it, it reads “J.S. may this ranger of the forest find eternal rest”. This is the grave of Jethal Silverwing.. in my official lore, written 10 years ago, Jethal was killed and laid to rest in the heart of the forest, to be resurrected 500 years later.. this was his transition to EQ2.
  • Most recently (12/2018) I was informed of a Bow named for me! Jethal’s Bowshot is apparently a rare drop from the Plane of Innovation! Having a bow named for me is absolutely fantastic, and I will possess it, one day! (no, they dont just give me stuff!)

Jethal.com now contains over 200 filk and parody songs, 99% are EverQuest/2 related

My old podcast, the Jethal Silverwing Show, had 214 episodes and hosted a crap load of guests, from SOE Employees and Players alike.

I’ve been to the FanFaire / SOELive a total of 6 times.. mostly Vegas, but I did attend the one in Boston. Elquin and I have had 3 music videos featured during opening ceremonies. and Last year, I won the 2015 “Player got talent” competition.

I’ve met a lot of great people, made friends all over the world.. but Most importantly in my life.. I met Elquinjena in EverQuest.

My heart will always be in EverQuest/2. If Norrath ever falls (gets cancelled) I will cry.. This has been my life for 15 years.. and I love all of you! Devs and Players alike!

Author: Jethal