Siren (2016)


A bachelor party becomes a savage fight for survival when the groomsmen unwittingly unleash a fabled predator upon the fesitivities.

If the girl in the poster look familiar, then you’ve probably seen the 2012 movie, VHS.  As Hannah Fierman reprises her role of “Lily”.

Now, the title of this movie is a bit confusing, as is some of the character traits of Lily… Sirens are notably, mermaid type creatures who draw men to their deaths in the sea… however, Lily is clearly a Succubus, with her claws, fleshy wings and tail.. I honestly think the title should have been Succubus.

The movie itself isn’t bad, and I had very few real complaints, other than the totally unlikable character of Mac, the protagonist’s brother. Who really deserved what he got in the end.

Most of the movie takes place in an underground fetish strip club with hardcore acts taking place, and seemlingly black magic use – surprisingly, there is very little nudity.. not that there isn’t.. I mean, Lily is nude throughout the runtime.. but for a movie taking place in a strip club, I expected a lot more.

Definately not for kids.

Yes, I would most likely watch it again

Author: Jethal