One Night Stand


One Night Stand, cover of the song by David Cassidy [MP3 Download Here]

Every night – a different town – I sing my song
I dance and sing – pack my things and move along

A pretty face, another place I never get to know
A one night stand, another show

My guitar – clubs and bars – call my name
No time to think, just smiles and winks – the price of fame

If I could do what I want to, I’d stay and never go
A one night stand is all I know

I wish that I could be two people
Instead of bein’ on my own
I wish that I could be two people
And then I’d never be alone

Autographs, tears and laughs.. the things we’ve done..
The parting sighs and midnight cries, echo our fun..

Goodbye, hello – I’ve got to go! – I hope you understand
A one night man is all I am
A one night stand, a one night man!

Author: Jethal