Jethal and the Demon Kithicor


Of Jethal and the Demon “Kithicor”

A brief historical summary: Jethal

Know that there is much, much, more to this story. And this summary breaks down only the basics of his very long and troubled life.

Born Jethal Greenwood, his family decimated by the goblins of Runnyeye. Raised by the Halflings of Rivervale, thereafter. The last person to be born in the dark forest of Kithicor, before the great war, and the corruption by Innoruuk.

Prone to wander, young Jethal was caught and enslaved, in his youth.. More than once..

Upon his return to his home, after many years away, he was recruited to, and eventually would lead, the Knights of the Holy Storm, a noble order devoted to protecting the weak from wrong. It was here that he took the clan name “Silverwing” after the mentor who took him in.

After his service was completed, he wandered yet again and through deeds unbecoming, he fell from grace. Tunare herself cast him from her sight whilst in the shadow of the Tree of Life, in the Plane of Growth.

Eventually returned to the Forest of Kithicor, summoned by his former mentor and friend, Lord Kithicor. He formed the Legion of Kithicor – and devoted his forces to bringing peace to the cursed forest.

It was the Legion of Kithicor who sealed Neriak’s 3rd Gate.

The age of Turmoil was near. And Tunare devised a plan to try and heal the dark forest. Jethal was summoned to the Plane of Growth for the last time.

A brief historical summary: The Spirit of Kithicor

This overview is short, and incomplete, for none alive today can summarize the vast history of the being, we know as Old Kith. Though his true name is lost to time.

The Demon Kithicor, as he is called by some, is the Spiritual embodiment of the Forest of Kithicor. A force of Nature, and indeed powerful.

In the physical world, he once appeared as a great Direwolf, other times, as a Wendigo.. Tending to and protecting his realm. Until the corruption by Innoruuk during the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. Then, his energies became something else.. Dark and malevolent, and threatening to all to crossed his path.  Worn, angry, hurt… and burned.

Note that at the time I started playing Kith (2004), the Isle of Kithicor was several years out of development (2014), and no information was given, other than what was given to Jethal OOC’ly by the old lore master, Vhalen.. what was left of the forest was an isle in the middle of the phantom sea, decimated by the Rending and Shattering, and the curse was not lifted.. It was our contention that the forest burned.

How they came to be:

Tunare’s plan was simple. As the last child born of the forest, she would use Jethal’s spirit in an attempt to mend the worn and tattered forest spirit – like a mending patch to frayed cloth. Once in place, Energies would be channeled through him, to slowly regenerate and, in hopes, cleanse the forest.

She promised that once his task was completed, he would be allowed time to rest, and the Legion of Kithicor would receive signs and visions of a ritual to summon their fallen leader back to the land of the living.

500 years later (the transition from eq1 to eq2) This is where it went wrong.

Simply put, the signs were read too soon. Only 2 members of the Legion remained, and one was failing fast.. Xefissa woke from a dream and began her part of the ritual.  While on the other side of the city, Elquinjena unconsciously began hers.

The ritual completed, Jethal was torn away from the spirit of the forest.. Taking most of it with him.. And fused into one, within his regenerated body.

One body. And the merged souls of both Jethal Silverwing and the Demon Kithicor. Fused together. One cannot survive without the other.

The aftermath saw decades, if not centuries of internal conflict, and fighting for control. Until only within the last century – they made peace through understanding and compromise.

Power and Abilities – as it relates to this union

    • Resurrection. As one cannot live without the other, Jethal is resurrected should he fall. The spirit is summoned to the Great Tree, which the Demon calls home – where Jethal’s body is renewed, and emerges anew, reset to the form taken upon his original death. Sometimes appearing years younger than others  remember him. Jethal is not immortal, in the sense that he can be killed.
  • Fire Immunity. The demon Kithicor was corrupted into the living embodiment of a Forest Fire.. and grants Jethal immunity to fire.
  • Enhanced Strength. Jethal is much stronger than he appears, able to lift more than a thousand pounds over his head without much effort
  • Enhanced Durability. Jethal can handle quite a bit of abuse, though he is not impervious to harm. Bones are not easily broken, and has been scarred by acid, and maimed in an explosion which took his hands.  They were since regenerated.
  • Enhanced Healing. Jethal can heal minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, etc. within a matter of moments.. More intense injuries may regenerate, but may require the assistance of a healer.
  • Immolation. As part of the abilities that the Demon grants Jethal, fire may be summoned. And is actually a favorite weapon.