Here on the Jethal Silverwing Show, we Love playing games and giving away prizes!

Kiting Elquin

  • You have 60 seconds to answer 10 general-knowlege questions and you’ll win only if you answer more, correctly, than Elquinjena.
  • 60 Minutes on the Clock
  • 10 Questions
  • You can pass as often as you like
  • You only have 3 guesses per question
  • Elquinjena gets the same 10 questions and the same rules.  Whoever gets more answers correct, wins!
  • If Elquinjena wins, send Jethal a /tell for a chance to win the prize!
    • IE: if Elquin wins with 6 correct answers, the 6th /tell to Jethal gets the prize.

Where in Norrath is Cheesit Nibble’buns?!

  • Cheesit Nibble’buns is an adventurous Ratonga.. Sometimes he travels places where he has no business being in!
  • Listeners takes wild guesses based on clues to his whereabouts.. Mountains? Water? Desert?, then widdle it down.. guess his Continent, Zone, City and finally pinpoint his location and win a prize!

The Movie Poster Contest

  • Use Photoshop or your favorite image editor and create an EverQuestII themed Movie Poster
  • Some times we specify a Movie Genre
  • Entries are opened for public Vote, and the winner takes home a prize!