Glad I am not a plate class and Brew day comes to town.


There are times when I am reminded that it’s good to be a Ranger and not a plate class. Don’t get me wrong, I like the plate classes, I like them standing between me and the big nasty s out there but, I am just glad I am not one when I see a piece of armor like this:

ewww! slop~

so there I was crafting up a storm when I began to notice brew day type items showing up around me.
Oooooh a cloak? gotta have that! I had missed last years events because of being else where …coughWoWCough…Dropping everything I raced over to Antonica to the North Gate area where I jumped into the portal and hit the bar.

Ahhhh Brew day! so much fun, I had almost forgotten how much love a man could have for his cow Betsy. She has big soft eyes, and is quite sweet and of course, you promptly tip her over so you can run back to this guy’s house and steal his barley. After running around all over Norrath, I returned for my goodies, a new cloak and the party keg. I stumbled out of the bar back into Antonica and ran right into this guy:
Avatar Of Brell

Whoa!! what a big guy!! He was thirsty for some brew so again off I go, running all over, grabbing up drinks for this guy! In the end I got a nice bottle with his picture on it for my house and a charm that places two mugs of ale against my head, only thing missing was the straws!

Author: Elquinjena