KUDOS to SOE CS dept.


When something goes wrong for you in game, your first feelings are sadness followed up by overwhelming helplessness. Who to turn to? Even I will groan over the thought of having to go and /petition the problem. Why? Because I know it won’t go to a guide who at least wants to try and help me, it goes to someone named Abdul on the other side of the world who hasn’t a clue.
I Cringe at the thought of the Canned response I will get first before someone moves my problem up to someone who can do something.
Well I had an issue this past week. I was lucky enough to get a Booster drop. * does happy dance* Wooot!!! *Bounce*Bounce*Bounce*Wave pack around in channel to show it off* “Lookie at what I GOT!!”. I savor the sight of it sitting there in my pack for a bit, then I redeem it, PooF..it disappears from my pack and should be showing up in my LoN card book but…..its not there!! GASP!!!
After biting the arrow ( sorry no bullets in EQ2 so I make due) I send in a petition with all the steps and details. I ask in it to please move this petition up to those who can do something!
Then with a heavy sigh I wait.

They moved it up, no silly canned response to check my underwear and dance around my computer while wearing laurel leaves on my head. Then **BAMM!!** I check my LoN client and up comes that lovely screen telling me I have something new!!

* Does Happy Dance of Joy Again*
I think the process took two days total, a new record!! I was happy that it got the attention it needed, that it was not passed around forever and I did not get those silly-screen-head-pounding responses. KUDOS!! and many, many, thanks!

Author: Elquinjena