Drink up me hardies!


Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate’s life for me!
I had to go and get my pirate fix and pirate my weasely black guts out over at PotCO,
” Pirates of the Caribbean Online”.

This is put out by Disney, and as far as I know, they only have two online games, Toon Town and PotCO. In both games you are not tied to a server. If things get too crowded you can jump to a more quiet server. There is no trading items or gold in either game, so farmers have no reason to be here. The interface and game play is easy and something I can jump in and not spend half the night trying to remember how to do things. A problem I have ran into when going back to other games I have not played in a long while; trying to remember how to play.

I think the main thing that draws me to this game is the fact that it is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I love the music from them, I love the story line and I also like Captain Jack Sparrow! When you start this game you find your self in jail and surprise!! Captain Jack is there to help get you out. After that the premise is to help get the Pearl back for Captain Jack. There is a LONG series of quests that will take you from level 1 to about level 27 where in the end you go after the Black Pearl. Which at the moment is not working =

Some other things I enjoy about this game:
Fighting with swords is very different, I have to time my mouse clicks at the arch of my sword swings to get extra attacks which grain bonus damage so I have to pay attention to the fight.

Sailing! As you go through the game and save up your coin, you can buy bigger and better ships. You also have to have enough sailing experience to own one. Right now I am saving up the 60,000 coins needed to buy a war frigate, which is one of the 3 highest ships you can get.
They have swoops, frigates and gallons, each has different stats and number or guns and cargo space. I have enjoyed sailing out on my own or becoming a crew on another person’s boat which is a whoot!

Cloths!! They just added new clothes and I have become a bit of a clothes horse. I have a couple of new outfits now. I wish they added more hat choices though, I want a big hat with a big feather in it.

Things I dislike:
Male avatars look well…funny!
Also my butt on my female avatar is big! so ya I have a big bootie! hahaha
The game has many werid bugs still, some are funny like being able to sail into port royal and blow the place up, others are a pain like Flag ships sinking before you can board them.

My problem is, I am not good at playing two games at once. I end up focusing on one or the other, I can’t play one for a couple of hours then go switch. When in EQ2, I always have a bunch of things to do, same goes when I play PotCO. I know I will play PotCO again tonight and then switch back to EQ2 and once back again not sure when I will break away again for a bit of pirating! YO HO!

Author: Elquinjena