A Bitter-Sweet Ding.


The sound of swords hitting Iksar flesh, the flash and pop of spells reverberating off the hall walls, my arm begins to ache as I send one arrow after another into the Sathirian gravelord who is blocking our progression.

“ADD” I scream as a chokidai handler rounds the corner and begins to smack our tank upside the head. I laugh as I “befriend” the chokidai pup and send it back against it’s handler.

Being so totally focused on the battle at hand I barely notice the shouts going on in the guild chat.

“Congrats!! Well done”
“YA!! Elquinjena”

HuH? WhAts?
What did I do now?
Maybe I got another AP point.
Once the dust settles, I scroll back up…

DING! 80!

Oh Tunare!, I groan!
I had totally missed it! I had my speakers turned down so I missed the sound. I was so focused in fighting I had missed it totally. o.0

My big moment of final glory just flashed and slipped away from me in a blink of an eye. The very last DING I would ever hear in my life in EQ2 and I missed it. I wonder what it sounded like? Was there trumpets, was the flash bigger? I had not noticed. There sure was no end movie let me tell you, Dellmon lied !!

Standing there in the depths of Sebilis, my group caught on to what had just happen moments ago and began to pat me on my back, I felt numb. All I could think of was, “I will never hear a DING again now” and “now what am I to do” and “oh Tunare, I hope Jethal did not see that, its not going to please him”.

Ya see, I have had this habit of out leveling him. It is something I do not set out to do, it just happens. I play the game, do the quests, adventure around and the next thing I know DING max level.

I reached level 70 before he did with out really trying. Oh he will congrats me and smile but at the same time I know he will be sad on the inside coz once again his lady has out leveled him. 0.o
It’s a “male” thing I know but still, I will end up feeling badly about it any ways.

So what is left for me to do?
Go after my epic?
Max out my AP points?
Maybe have time now to reach 80 in tailoring and get my master title and cloak?
Finally work on tinkering?

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and see that my group has moved down the hall. I tell my self, “Don’t worry about it now, we have Iksar’s to kill!! Its not the end of Norrath!! ”

There is plenty to do still, places I have yet to see, things to craft, and most importantly, friends to go hunt with. The adventure is far from over and if I really need to hear that DING once more,
isn’t that what alts are for?

Author: Elquinjena