Mount Me


We have horses, carpets, wargs, tinkered rides and now rhinos, each offering a choice of colors or effects that should keep everyone happy.

So I should be happy right? For the most part I am quite happy with my current drooling warg but there seems to be a lopsided offering when it comes to what people of Freeport can ride compared to those of us from the great city of Qeynos.

I have always yearned for a black fiery horse, but of course, those are only for the elite of the Freeport. While the elite of Qeynos can proudly ride a Mist runner, a horse who’s hoofs leave a glowing blue trail behind it. So if the symbol of pride for Freeport is the fiery Nightmare and Qeynos has the Mist runner with glowing blue, why is it that the new Nightmares offered to the evils of other side of Norrath have glowing blue effects??

Wasn’t that a symbol of good and pure Qeynos elite? So while the demise of Freeport get to pick between two Nightmare mount offerings, we of the golden city of right and might get stuck with only one Mist runner! Oh sure, I know the wargs and rhinos that are offered can come with blue glowing feet and some will say that our blue glow is different than those offered to the other side but still its blue! We have no other colors to pick from, unlike those of darker side.

How fair is that?
We have been told, we of Qeynos, can not own any mount with Fiery effect, that is an Icon of Freeport, yet those of Freeport can own a mount with the Blue effect and the Fiery effect.
The blue effect that was once thought of being a Icon of Qeynos!!

We who call Qeynos home no longer have something that is special to us alone.
Some how that is just not right!

Oh yes, I know LoN offers a Ghosty Warg with fiery feet but, who in their right mind is going to spend $150 to trade for one (( going price for one of these loot cards right now is 16 booster packs from each expansion )).

I say we all mount up on our wargs and ride over to SOE and let them drool on our Dev’s for a while. Once they are covered in piles of warg drool we could ask them WHY? Or you can do a /feedback, that is if you belive like I do, there is something lopsided here.

Author: Elquinjena