Sperm with Teeth


Oh how I love these guys.

from gnomie

Though most people who know me, think I am crazy, but that is nothing new.
If you know me, you already know I am nuts. (( cashews please))

I really Love the Devourer, with their little tongues hanging out of their mouths.
Give me either gnashing or gnawing with their whiping tails,
I love them both.

I wish they were marked as an animal, I would love to “befriend” one of these
with my ranger-ness powers and have it follow me around like a loyal puppy.

I could just see the reactions:
“ACK Elquin what the heck is that following you?”
I would turn and pat my sweet Devourer on the nose and say,
“oh you mean spot? he is my pet sperm, wanta pet him?”.

Then I am sure all the funny looks would start along with the
eewwww’s and Ooohhh thats gross groans.
Oh such sweet music to my little warped woodelf ears.

My love for these guys began long ago, back in the old days before the wars and the shattering. Back in Everquest ( call it Live or 1, to me it will always be just Everquest), back then they were called Ravenous Nibblers. I have fond memories of hunting with guild mates In Crypt of Dalnir which was off Warsliks Wood, in Kunark. Even though some times our hunts ended in naked corpse runs, and groping in the dark halls, those were good memories of fun times from days gone by.

The First Sperm with Teeth!

Back then, two of my best hunting buddies were shadow knights, Barzec the Iskar and Moto the troll. Part of the fun back then was playing off how stinky Moto was, seeing how he was a troll.

Forget using ranger tracking, if I entered a zone I could smell Moto and his stench from the other side. We also blamed the state of Burning Woods on his flatulence and a burning match.
Talk about the big blue flame! BOOOM!

So it was natural for me when I saw my first a ravenous nibbler to blame Moto for their creation. What other creature on the face of Norrath could give birth to sperm with teeth?
Yups! Only a troll!
Every time a troll masturbates, Tunare kills a Snow bunny and a Nibbler is born.

Which totally explains the lack of any snow bunny’s roaming the face of Norrath today and why there is so many Devourers. I am betting that half the troll race is also blind and have hairy palms too.

I want to thank Allakahzam & IIIia’s Everquest Beastiary, EQ2.wikia, and Gnomie for letting me steal borrow their photos to link here.

Author: Elquinjena