Jethal finds his Tolan’s


It’s a FREAKING TOLAN’S!!, the guild members of Legion of Kithicor could hear Jethal screaming all the way from the Faydark.

Ok so this might not be big news to most people out there, but for Jethal and I, it is. Its a bit of the past we were hoping for.

Ever since we found a descendant of Tolan Darkwood standing around Teren’s Grasp, we were hoping that the old Everquest armor set would show up.

You see, back in Everquest, one set of armor that stood out as a must have for rangers, was called Tolan’s. There were 9 pieces to the set which allowed rangers to have a plate look, which is a nice change of place from the chain look. Each piece came with an extra ability, though three of pieces were highly prized by the ranger class.

Tolan’s Darkwood Bracer came with “Summon Arrows“, this was extremely useful if you did not have Endless Quiver. With it you became quite popular with the warriors who needed arrows to pull, but did not want to bother with buying any.

The Tolan’s Darkwood Helm allowed you to cast “Superior Camouflage“, which was the only camouflage spell a ranger could cast indoors. If you were not of level to have this spell, then helm was a blessing.

Then finally, Tolan’s Darkwood Breastplate, which came with “Ring of Faydark” which very useful since rangers could not gate on their own and anything we could get our hands that allowed us to escape was a must have.

Most rangers that I knew had at least the first two, some also picked up the other pieces. Only a very few owned a full set. The breastplate was the hardest to get out of the whole set, and Jethal owned one.

Jethal tends to check the broker often for fashion upgrades, always seeking a different look.
Last night he saw the breastplate on the broker and went nuts. Granted it did not have any special abilitys on it but, the fact was, and I quote Jethal, “IT’S A FREAKING TOLAN’S”
All he needed was 20 plat!
20 plat?? ~~rolls eyes~~
I go and look up were it dropped, I mean really 20 plat? Maybe we could go hunt for it.
After a some searching, I found my answer on the EQ2 boards.


From what I could find out it drops off Venekor in the Halls of Seeing, A triple up level 74 x 4 raid mob, who also has 4 friends with him. Funny, I would have thought Trakanon would have dropped it, he used to in the old days. Back then, all of the Tolan’s armor came out along with Kunark, so it strikes me a bit odd that Kingdom Of Sky dragons now hold it.

So after weighing the cost verse chance of that thing to drop if we even could manage to go after Venekor, something we just could not pop off and do, I picked the lesser of two evils.

While Jethal was in a panic over his find, I had just arrived at Jarath wastes, and began search around for a broker. Not finding one I decide that mailing him the coin would take too long so I gate back to Qeynos, . Come to find out it was 24 plat I would have to pony up for this item, and no, I could not visit the person and buy directly, they had no sales box at all.
I hate that!

I grabbed the thing and began to wave it around in guild chat, taunting and teasing Jethal, who was drooling all over his keyboard while screaming GIMMIE!

For 24 plat I figured I would have a bit of fun with him, it was only fair that I got some amusement for such a high price. He was in Kelithin while I was in Qeynos, so after waving it about I told him to “Catch me if you can!”, and made a beeline to Antonica in hopes of catching the boat back to Kunark before he could get to the city.

Man!! he can move fast when he needs to.
Before I knew it, he had caught me on the boat.

I did make him wait till we landed safely in the Kylong Plans, though by this time he was about to throttle me for teasing him so, but I was not about to do such a trade on a moving boat.

So now I am out 24 plat, Jethal is now sporting a brown plate chest and I am sure in the coming days he will be searching for other brown armor pieces to fix up his new look. I do wonder if there will be other pieces of this old armor surfacing soon and if so I pray to Tunare that it won’t cost me another 20 plat.

Author: Elquinjena