Let the Pranks begin! Bristlebane is Here!


If you don’t know by now, Bristlebane Day is here, well it should say Bristlebane Week for the fun and games will run from 3/27/08 until 4/02/08. Though the big day will still be on April 1st, so make sure you log in to see what other new surprises Bristlebane has for us.

Being a follower of the maker of mirth, I had to see what new quest there might be to celebrate his coming to Norrath. Of course I did not go trotting off unprepared, thanks to the Den Mom, she had already visited the prankster and wrote up a wonderful review. Knowing a bit about what I was about to get my self into, I headed out the South Qeynos gates and found Blat Berisen by a campsite. He is a real cutie!

Such a cutie he is
I was joined in this adventure by Surgen, a fellow member of the Legion of Kithicor. We enjoyed running around talking to all the people, though finding Frethe Zizlop took a bit of looking, he can be found in The Hall of Steel, to the right of the bank. Zoe Hertzflip is upstairs in The Mermaid’s Lure, who does a wonderful trick and makes a pig appear! Barb Islenet is up on the balcony of The Herb Jar in South Qeynos. (She has pink goggles you need to get from her and I wonder if those pink googles belonged to Winwin, humm.) Next Is Abner Siblet, you can find him drinking up in the Lion’s Mane Inn and Tavern. Abner then sends you out to Antonica find Belazzor Fribles.

I should give you a word of caution here. Seeing how I am at season 80 and Surgen is in his mid 50’s, the last part of the step turned into disaster for us. I had forgotten to mentor to him before we started, and since this quest scales to the person’s seasons, the last step was too much for Surgen. It was too late for me to mentor down to him so we could do the last step together, it was still scaling to my level. He had to drop from group and do it on his own.

SO if you do this with a younger friend, mentor down to them first before you speak to Blat.

At the end Lord Bristlebane greets you.

Here he is telling me a joke!

Boy is he a big one!
He could use a shave
And in need of a shave, just look at that five O’Clock shadow he has going

For my end troubles I was given Zoe’s Wild Deck of Playing Cards

which when placed in your house lets you start up Legends of Norrath.

I also given the Tine Metal Helm of Protection,

which can protect you, from what I am not sure yet, but it is amusing and makes pretty colors.

Author: Elquinjena