The Beauty of Chelsith


I had never been to Chelsith before, I did not even know where it was. So when my friends asked if I wanted to go, my answer was quick, YES!! I love to go and experience new places in the world of Norrath. As most people know Chelsith is a entrance is under water, located in Jarsath Wastes.. I found the entrance on my map, popped on my Hadden’s Earring and dove down.

I was taken back by the huge statue which stand over the entrance. One needs to really swim around here to be able to take in the full scope. The ancient Iksar grasp a snake in its hand, crushing it as it writhes around its wrist.

I swam down to the base and found the entrance into Chelsith. I had to stop a moment and just experience this. Oh how lovely, such perfect bubbles floating by me, the size the giant clam.

Once inside we began to clear our way through.

The thing that struck me most about this zone was how much real beauty there was there.

Oh and such strange creatures.

In our rush to catch up with a group, or during the clearing of any zone we often do not stop to take in the graphic beauty. Chelsith is one such place that once the ringing of your swords and the last spell has faded, one should really stop and take a good look around.

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Author: Elquinjena