What Do You Do When You See A Dragon?


Do you call all your friends out to take it down?
Do you run for the hills before it eats you
Do you run around and take pictures of it?

As long as it is not going to eat me I run around and take pictures of it and when I was flying through Pillar of Flames and saw this dragon
Sitting there so I baled off the carpet and ran over.

Now you must understand I really have not done much of the “UBar” stuff in the world. I have not gone on very many X2 or X4 raids. So raid dungeons and large creatures like Siyamak I have not seen before.  So I was awe struck when I spied him out on his small island.

Before I could reach it a group ( Noctis Mortis) had just gotten there and was just starting to attack.
Noctis Mortis beating on Siyamk
One nice thing about being in my 80th season is, stuff like Siyamak no longer views me as a snack so I was able to get up close and take some shots of the beautiful creature.

and yes, I think dragons are beautiful, as long as they don’t want to eat me for lunch, which most of them do these days, but back in the old days ( Everquest) one could go and work for the dragons. I worked very hard on my dragon faction so I might wander around the Temple of Veeshan and visit the dragons who lived there.

So I am a little sad that now dragons only view me as a food item. Still I  will always think of dragons as wise and noble creatures even if they end up using my sword as a toothpick.

If you would like to see larger venison of these shots please visit the gallery

I left them full size and uncut, encase anyone thinks they might like to use them as wall paper.
Feel free to grab any you like and trim or cut to your desired size

Author: Elquinjena