Learning to Love Hate! World Event!


Sometimes when it comes to house items, the evil side has it better. With the two latest world event quests, which usher in the Shard of Hate, I found it very hard not to want to be on the side of Hate.

You see, the other night during the Jethal Silverwing show, I was out with fellow guildmate, Uurson, doing the “Dispelling the Hate” quest in Kelethin.  I had already seen what reward was offered for our side in the dressing room, but someone in the OGR channel linked the Evil reward:The Fires of Anguish

Oh WOW! What a cool looking house item, much more interesting when compared to the one offered to the good side. Geez, why do the evil’s get all the cool ones, all red and glowly with skulls and we get whimpy blue foo foo!

Now I will say that while running through the “Dispelling the Hate” quest, I saw one of the nicest things, people waiting in line outside Joleena’s Restaurant, taking turns going in. I want to say BRAVO to the AB server people for this. The quest can get buggy if too many people go inside at once and it was nice to see people working together on this step.

WORD OF CAUTION here; the encounter scales so if you are grouped up and mentored down, the quest still is listed for your normal level. So it is best to drop group and go in singly, the mob is soloable so no worries. Or you can do a quick group with any others waiting who are the same level as you.

The temptation of hate finally got to me, though, and I just had to have one of those so I called upon my little friend Crima. ( that’s Crima T’Orurm, when you think your going to snuff it, think of Crima T’Orurm for all your funeral needs, her coffin prices are HOT ** she is a necro get it? sigh… its bad when one has to explain a joke**).

Now EQ2.wikia has a nice and quick walk through that will get you done in no time but if you would like to read what you missed when you speed clicked through the quest, stay tuned here. Plus I got pictures!!

Also I think it is interesting read as to what the NPC have to say in this one, I do believe that Queen Cristanos will be having a even harder time trying to control the city of Neriak.

I am not sure how long this quest will be offered but I do hope it won’t be for too long, you see, the city of Neriak has dead bodies all over the place, victims of The Power of Hate.  In a few days those bodies are going to be pretty ripe! Ahhh yes the smell of hate? **Gags**

The Power of Hate

Head to the dock area in Dockside Markets in Neriak you will find “a satisified darkelf
She offers about 3 different responses, each one will lead you to the same next step of the quest so feel free to have a bit of fun here.

“Hail, A satisfied darkelf”
a satisfied darkelf says to you, “Do you praise the Prince of Hate, Crima?”
You say. “If it suits my purpose.”
a satisfied darkelf says to you, “Oh, it does suit your purpose. Have you not felt the power surging through your veins upon tasting his intoxicating venom?”
You say, “I do not understand.”
a satisfied darkelf says to you, “What is so hard to comprehend? It is all around us! Beings that had tolerated each other can no longer hold back. Emotions are boiling over and blades are being used. It is magnificent!”
You say, “There is a lot more fighting going on.”
a satisfied darkelf says to you, “Yes. They have given in to the power of hate, as should you!”
You say, “I do, every chance I get.”
a satisfied darkelf says to you, “Excellent. Then you will be delighted to speak with Xilania Nevagon, the Seraph of Hate. She is looking for strong and cunning individuals dedicated to Innoruuk.”
You say, “I am very willing to answer her summons.”

Run over to the Spires of Innoruuk, enter the main building.

You say, “Hail, Xilania Nevagon”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “And what makes you so deserving of my attention?”
You say, “A Disciple of Hate told me to approach you.”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Interesting. You wish to serve The Dead, and thus The Prince of Hate?”
You say, “I do.”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Then you must be taking great delight in the riled hate that surrounds us. Have you the will to stoke the fires of hate even further, Crima?”
You say, “I would take pleasure in it!”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Splendid. One of Cristanos’s key supporters must be slain. You should find Sorndinn De’Tretlar in the Neriak Opera House. That is where he was last seen.”
You say, “How will that further hate?”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Shall I strike you down for questioning the Seraph of Hate?!”
You say, “No, no! I was just going!”

Hop over to Death Grotto, and run over to the Opera House. You won’t be jumped till you get to the stage area. Same goes for this as for the goodie goodie side. The mob is same level as you are, so if you see another person going in, give them a few moments to complete this part, or if they are the same level as you, see if you can join forces.

Sorndinn De’Tretlar says, “You may stop me, but others will tell the Queen what The Dead have done! You cannot keep such power for yourselves!”

Kill Sorndinn! Then pop back to the Spires

You say, “Hail, Xilania Nevagon”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “You have returned, Crima. What of Sorndinn De’Tretlar?”
You say, “He has been slain.”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Perfect. He had been a traitor, and was going to inform Cristanos of the details behind our rising power. You have successfully proven your allegiance to The Dead and helped us keep our secrets for another day.”
You say, “I am glad to serve.”
Xilania Nevagon says to you, “Yes. You should be. Other matters now require my attention. See Priestess V’Despth. She will explain more of what we are doing and just how you are to serve us further.”
You say, “Thank you.”

Go out and head to the west side of the main building.

Hail, Sabstin V’Despth
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “What have we here? If you have only come to gape upon the unfathomable power and skill of The Dead, then we will be sure to show it to you, first hand!”
You say, “No. Xilania Nevagon sent me to you.”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “The Seraph of Hate found you useful? She must be feeling generous due to our recent accomplishments.”
You say, “What accomplishments are those?”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “Feast your mortal eyes upon the portal behind me! It leads off Norrath, and into the ancient and previously closed off Plane of Hate!”
You say, “The Plane of Hate has survived?!”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “A small part of it, yes. It may just be a shard of what it once was, but its power, and thus Our Dark Prince’s power, is growing! We are helping to strengthen it. Cristanos will regret having turned her back towards him and his true followers.”
You say, “How are you making the shard stronger?”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “With a very dark heart, and a smile. Ha! The more hate unleashed upon this mortal plane, the stronger the Shard of Hate grows.”
You say, “You have been spreading hate?”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “One may say that. But it is more accurate to say that we are amplifying the emotions people already carry within themselves. It doesn’t take much influence to turn anger, fear or jealousy into hate!”
You say, “You are amplifying their emotions?”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “Yes. I will show you! Go gather a dozen rancor quartz from around here, in Neriak.”
You say, “Yes, Priestess!”

Run around and pick up rancor quartz, they are every where, in the tunnels, along the walls. If you did any of the newbie quests long ago, you will remember these from that quest.

You say, “Hail, Sabstin V’Despth”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “If you do not have the quartz I require, you had best crawl your way back out.”
You say, “I have the quartz, Priestess.”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “Hmm. Perhaps you do possess the acceptable skills, after all. Good. Now we shall send these gems into the Shard of Hate. In the meantime, you will take this satchel of quartz that has returned from the shard.”
You say, “What am I to do with them?”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “They have drunk of the arcane powers upon the Shard of Hate. These precious rocks now emanate with intoxicating hate! Those near them cannot help but erupt into seething masses, all while we dance to the destruction and chaos!”
You say, “That’s impressive.”
You receive satchel of malefic quartz
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “And now it is up to you to spread the hate, literally. Find soft piles of soil near settlements within Darklight Wood where you can bury these malefic quartz gems. His hate be with you!”
You say, “And you, Priestess.”

Head out into Dark Light woods and hit the tent area as you come off the bridge then head to your left down to the settlement. You can hit the same mound twice after a short period of time. Look for little piles of dirt.

Hail, Sabstin V’Despth
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “Tell me of your success, Crima. I will not tolerate failure!”
You say, “The gems are hidden throughout Darklight Wood, Priestess.”
Sabstin V’Despth says to you, “All glory to Innoruuk! You have served The Dead and The Prince of Hate well this day. You deserve your own collection of hate emanating quartz. The fires that burn from these gems will warm your blood for years, Crima!”
You receive fires of anguish
You say , “I will gladly accept such an amazing gift.”

( yups you bet Giveme that thing!! Now I just gotta figure out how to get this little level 25 all the way to Qeynos so they can place it in my house …rubs hands)

One thing to be careful of when you are talking to Sabstin V’Despth, he is standing right next to the port into the shard of hate.
Becareful where you click!!

Author: Elquinjena