The Evil That We Do


First I was going to write about how I reached level 80 in tailoring this past week. Of how I finished my crafting epic with the help of some of the fine crafting folks on the AB server, and give my grateful thanks to Arcane Masters for a good portion of this help.

I was also going to write about a new pod cast put out by two people who were once known around EQ2 as Blackguard and Moorgard. I was also going to write about another pod cast put out by Shut Up. We’re Talking, who had on Julie Whitefeather as a guest.

But I feel I should confess a sin.
I have done evil!

Most people who know me in game and out would Gasp at such a thought.
ME? doing EVIL?
Never they would tell you. Not Elquin!

ah …but I did!

It started in Jarsath Wastes, I was out doing that darn Kror Stormshield’s quests. I had also a set of writs to do for the same beastie namely; An ambushing grindhoof.

Now I have done quite a bit of hunting out here so far, I already did my fair share of grindhoof hunting, enough to know that there is a named rhino, ( Gorehoof ) which wanders in this one field. The amount of grindhoofs, stonegazers, razorfangs in this one area is plentiful. A person can easily attract unwanted attention if your not careful

So it was quite shocking to see a lone troll standing in the middle of this field and all manner of beasts just passing by him. How did he find the one magical spot to stand and go AFK? He was not invisable, he was in full view of every creature there. I sat there on my warg, invisible, for a very long time watching this.

Grindhoofs would pass close to him but take no notice, Stonegazers would trot by and never give him a glance.

*raising an eye brow in thought*
hummm I wonder if that is the spot where Gorehoof shows up?
I could think of no reason why a person would go AFK in a field of mobs,
mobs which most times glance up at you standing there and charge you.

My warg reared up and drooled more than normal, then I caught the same stench on the air.
** farmer** this troll smelled like a **farmer**

So, without even trying to have a kind thought, benefit of the doubt or any of what is good and noble, I rode over with my razorfang pet. I told him to stay next to this troll and rode off to the next hill and then………………………………………..let him lose.
Since I was too far away, he was not interested in me, but found boxed lunch next to him.

It gets worse.

I rode back to watch my pet eat his lunch.

It get much worse yet.

Once he was done, I rode over and reclaimed him and went back to hunting.

Oh I felt so wicked mean and evil.

ok so…maybe this was not a crowning moment in the life of elquinjena, and if it was some poor soul, well……maybe they won’t go afk in a field of creatures again..but if it was a farmer…score one for me!

Author: Elquinjena