Spying on The Agency!


Currently the ION Conference is going on in Seattle, and we knew Grimwell and Brenlo were attending. So we asked if we might hook up with them during there time here in the Great Northwest. They invited Jethal and I to the SOE office in Seattle for a press-related event for The Agency.

I was excited to see the SOE offices and just as excited to meet Grimwell and Brenlo. Once there we were surprised to find Aimee had come too. (Picture of me and Aimee)

We also met Brass from thebrasse.com there along with Leonai Art from onlinegamingradio.com. I also had the pleasure of meeting RadiarX from tentonhammer.com who is 10 times funnier than Coyote, he had me in tears rolling on the floor laughing. We also got to meet and shake hands with John Smedley! (picture of Jethal with John Smedley)

The press-related event was wonderful with models dressed as ParaGON agents, which jethal got a picture with.

They had a really cool ice sculpture in the shape of a gun which they were pouring out effen martins through, the drink of choice for the UNITE agents. I am not a martini drinker so did not try it, but I just loved how they use this ice sculpture to serve the drinks. ParaGON pain killers were more my speed and very tasty.

G4 was also there doing some interviews which should air on their show X-Play this coming week ( May 19th). I have the DVR set to record if my son is not already watching it.

We were treated to a demo and explanation of what The Agency is all about. I found the whole concept exciting and new and found myself nodding my head in agreement to many of the aspects of how the game play will be. This is a well thought out game with its main focus on fun play! There is also great depth to this console and PC game that I have never seen before. Even though I am a die-hard EQ2 PC gamer, the concept of The Agency has me looking forward to its release. It has all the action of a shooter game with the depth that any MMORPG player is going to love.

Once Jethal puts up the press release and some of the screen shots of the game.
Click here to get to press release.

I would like to thank Grimwell, Brenlo, Aimee and the SOE Seattle office for inviting us to this event.

Author: Elquinjena