Finishing PoTCO Boss Battle


From the beginning I have looked forward to finishing this quest line. It is a story quest line that take a person from their early levels in Pirates of the Caribbean online to, well, in my case, level 30.

and let me tell you, It was the coolest thing I have ever done!!

Getting people rounded up for it was rather simple, and once everyone was crewed up I got the ok to send out a crew request for this boss battle. Once everyone had accepted we were whisked away to a cut scene. It took me back to the first Pirates movie where Captain Jack is distracting those two solders at the docks.
You remember that part, they get distracted bickering with each other and Captain Jack goes and sneaks on the Navy ship.

Lucky for me I have ran into the same two guys, and the trick works twice and we run and board the Black Pearl!! The music kicks in again an my heart is pounding, my fingers are twitching ready for battle. That is one thing about this game, the music!! It drives the feel of this game!

We all show up on deck and get attacked by 5-6 level 35 solders. Voodoo staffs work very well at this point, which most of crew has except me, I only have a voodoo dolly. So I grab it and start poking people with my dolly.

After the solders are all dead, we take our stations at the cannons and get instructions. There will be 4 frigates coming, two on each side. Most guides to beating this part say they must be taken down in order. Right Rear, Right Front, Left Rear, Left Front. So far I have seen blasting them all at the same time work as well as the order take down. I believe that if your doing this with not a full crew, the order take down might be your best bet. Another trick I have seen is when the captain takes the wheel they should not only pull it forward but pull it forward and get it turned so the right side is facing the bridges.

Once the frigates are down the drawbridge towers have to be taken out. This is where the Pearl will take its highest damage, this part can either make or break the run. After they are down you have 3 more gates to get through. During the time that we actually made it out, the captain took it slow, kept the boat angled so one whole side of the ship had access to both bridge towers on each side of the channel

Once out the captain got the pearl moving and away from the Goliath. The trick here is to get out and away from it, make it come to you. On the run we had we blew it up before we could get too far away.

Now the video I did for this is so very different than what I normally do. I used the same battle music which played over and over in game. The footage I shot is from many different runs. It is just a record of what happens during a boss battle, not a true guide as to what to do or how to do it. I Just loved the whole thing, it enchanted me, but I guess that is what Disney is good at, enchantment.

Larger pictures of the above can be viewed at the Gallery

Author: Elquinjena