Stacks and Stacks of Books!


I do so love my in game books!
True they are a pain to move, and some people just hate them but for me they represent more than just a house item. They contain lore and stories that add color and depth to the game of Everquest 2 and the world of Norrath.

I am sure I am not the only one who has a library set up in their house.

I am also sure I am not the only one who takes the time to sort and place their books in some sort of order. I have mine broken down to Legend and Lore books, sorted and placed in alphabetical order by creature not title. Then I have my race books in alphabetical order. After that I have all my other single books in alphabetical order.
Some people I know come in and look at my library and think I am completely nuts for doing them in such orderly fashion, but I feel if I own these books I should be able to come in and find what I need.
Taking the time to set them up this way will save me hours of searching later when the need arises.

So there I have all my lovely redwood bookcases lined with neat rows of books, my neat tidy little library.

The only thing that ruins this lovely little scene is those messy, unstackable books. My room is scarred by  the piled stacks, though I have them in a orderly fashion on top of the bookcases, and yes before you ask they too are in alphabetical order.

Now long ago, people began to clammer for stacks of books for their homes, the single grey book was getting boring. They wanted something more to fill out their library’s. The gods of the land heard our
cries and gave us stacked books. Many many stacked books! It seemed that all page collections or quest books after that point rewarded you with, you guessed it, a stack of books!!

Each time I finish an old page collection and my friendly collection person smiles as he hands me my reward and I swear he is smirking at me when run off to home to place it.  I want to just scream when after pulling it out and placing I find…..another stack of books!

Having more than a few stacks of books accenting your library turns it into a disheveled used book store.
There is no way to place these things in a orderly way. They won’t really fit on a bookcase, so your stuck placing them on the floors around the room or in my case that final shelf on the new redwood book cases.

If they were not twisted this way and that, I could actual enjoy them more and place them all in some sort of orderly fashion. I think that is the problem, they are all twisted, haphazardly stacked in groups
of 9 and 5  and 4. The smaller stacks are not bad and actually look good on the bottom shelfs but the rest are just darn hard to work with.

Why can’t they be neat stacks instead of a pile?

Maybe someday this mess will be addressed, and maybe give us a way to trade these messy piles into a single book or a nice neat pile and leave the messily twisted stacks as a crafted item for accenting your house.

Until then, well excuse my mess !

Author: Elquinjena