Thinking of Fan Faire


Fan Faire is coming! If you have not already registered to attend you can click on the Fan Faire Link here and go to it!

Though I wish Jethal and I could go this year, we just can’t. I know he has said that if it was on the east coast we would have, but the truth of it is, I doubt we could have done that either.

It boils down to finances, and not having enough cash put a side for such a trip. This years tax return went to pay off some 8 years worth of credit card charges, which was a good thing. There is also the cost of driver’s ed for my son, who will be doing that this summer. New tires for the car was another needed expense, when they won’t hold air any more, its time to replace them.

Also, I was hoping that some time this summer Jethal and I would tie the knot, since he asked me to marry him last year.  Even though I am hoping for a small, simple gathering of friends, there is still costs to even this. As it stands now I doubt we will even do a over night honeymoon.

If Jethal really wanted to go I think I could get him there, but would have to dig out those newly paid off credit cards to charge the flight and hotel. I don’t think he wants me to do that, since he thought it prudent to clear those out in the first place. He also does not want to leave me home, but for me to go as well means getting someone to watch the house and my son, even though he is 16, I would not feel right about leaving him home alone just yet. Maybe next year when he is 17 he could handle the responsibly of watching the house alone while we took off for a few days.

No, I am not worried about coming home and finding out he threw a party, I am more concerned on how he would hand emergencies. More concerned that he remember to turn the burner or oven off after he had cooked something. Also not sure how he would cope being alone, by him self in the house for 3-4 days. I have yet to leave him alone for more than 6 hours let alone over night.

Its not from being a over protective mom, far from it. Since his father took off on him when he was young, my son has these abandonment issues. He has gotten better as he has grown, but he still has this fear that I won’t be back if I leave for very long. He has been fine if I have friends look after him, have him stay with them or them come and stay at the house with him.

Even then when I have called home from the few trips I have done in the past, I still hear him say ” mom, when are you coming back”,  “Mom come back soon”, or “Mom I miss you, please come home”.
Sigh, for a mother these really tear at your heart when your a few thousand miles away.

All I can hope for is that maybe next year we can plan on going to Fan Faire. I don’t know if I will plan on bring my son to it, coz no matter how I have tried he is still a WoW player. Also if I go I want to have a good time and relax and as any parent will tell you, no matter how much they love their kids,  they also need some vacation time away from the off spring!.

Author: Elquinjena