Come Role Play With Us At The Festival Of Unity!


The Festival of Unity on the Antonica Bayle server has been in full swing this week.

It has been listed on EQ2 Players site, the new Living Legacy Summer Event listings, and on many blogs. If you have not had a chance to be a part of this week long event you need to make a alt on AB and join in the fun!

The event has only 2 more days, so if you can make it to any of it, come for the fun and events planned for this Sat. June 7th:

Fishing Tournament (9am E)
(1.5 hours) (loc 3)

Riddle Me This (11am E)
(2 hours) (loc 10)

Feyiron Chef Contest Finals (1pm E)
(2 hours) (loc 2)

Parade (5pm E)
(1 hour) (loc 3 to loc 10)

Auction for Party Dates (6pm E)
(1 hour) (loc 10)

Closing Ceremonies (7pm E)
(as long as we want) (loc 10)

You can visit the main Festival of Unity site here!

The map will show you the numbered locations where events will happen, the times tab will bring up what is happening where and when.

AB is a role playing preferred server so when you come to the Festival expect to find a bunch of people RPing all over. Most if not all of the events are RP based. 

A mistake I often do is target a person and then call them by name. For RP reason you should to turn off your over head display of peoples names, and don’t target and them, instead walk up and introduce your self and ask them who they are.

If you forget and call them by name and they say ” I don’t think we have met before how do you know who I am”, you can always use one of my fall backs :
1. ” Well, you have this name tag on which says HI MY NAME IS”
2. ” The tag on your underwear is hanging out, it has your name on it”
3. ” I some times see visions and I saw you in one”
4. ” I took a guess you look like a *insert name here* ”
5. ” the gods spoke your name to me, surely you are a blessed being”

So come on and visit us on Antonia Bayle server, just leave your douhs and doths and such at the log in screen.  We do not speak Dellmonese here!

Author: Elquinjena