Step up and Support Living Legacy! & What keeps you playing EQ2 Contest.


We are the Living Legacy, each and every one of us that has played Everquest and or Everquest 2.
Those of us who have stayed and played, and played some more.

Many of us started back in Everquest 1 and went on to Everquest 2. Others have stayed in Everquest while others came into the world of Norrath in Everquest 2. There is one thing we all have in common and it is our love for the world of Norrath.

Even those who may have tried Everquest and or Everquest 2 and have moved on to other games, carry a part of Norrath with them and during the launch of Living Legacy, those people have a wonderful opportunity to come back and experience Norrath again. It means having more people to play with in the lands that we love and it is up to each of us, the Living Legacy to welcome them back.

I have contacted old friends and playmates to let them know about how wonderful this promotion is. A few will be taking advantage of this offer and I look forward to showing them around. Some left shortly after EQ2 started and I really hope they will be surprised at all the good changes. Now all I have to do is also talk them into coming to the same server.

I am also excite and looking forward to all the other neat things that will be coming our way this summer!!
Guild houses!! YA…

I think SOE has taken a very big step in offering such a deal to players to get them to return and come play with the rest of us. That and the long list of other cool things they are doing for us. Why can’t we, the long standing players of EQ2, show off just how much we are “Living Legends” by stepping up and promoting the game we love to play?

I know that some long standing players out there feel slighted by this new offer. I speak of the ones who have been in Everquest 2 for a very long time but may not have gotten ROK yet because of cost.

So we are going to start a small movement, and calling upon other guild leaders and folks who might be able to do this as well. Get a copy of RoK for that friend or guild mate who would love to have it but just could not swing it. Do a kindness for your fellow player if you can, and ask only that they in turn, when they are able, do the same for another fellow player. Guild leaders who are always looking for ways to reward your fellow guild mates, here is a neat idea for you, if you can’t do an extra copy on your own maybe those in your guild could chip in a few bucks here or there and reward a fellow guild mate with a copy of RoK.

So what Jethal and I are going to do to kick this off is to holding a small contest and the winner will get a copy of RoK that we will buy for them and have delivered.

The contest is going to be simple, write a letter to us about why you love EQ2, what happy times you remember the most. What is it about EQ2 that keeps you playing. The best entry will be read on the show and will post it here as well.

Rules, ( ya gota have a few)
1. Must be a US citizen
2. Person must not already own RoK ( and be willing to prove they do not have RoK meaning we come to you and check it out on the boat)
3. No cash prize, no exchanges, you get a copy of RoK.
4. One entry per person, no multi entires
5. Must have a valid, good standing EQ2 account

Contest starts June 13th and ends July 25th 2008
Subject line of Mail must state “What Keeps you playing EQ2”
See simple to the point stuff here!

So don’t get weird or greedy guys, We honestly looking for people who have been playing EQ2 for a while now but do not have RoK but would like to. IF that fits you then enter this contest!

Author: Elquinjena