What keeps you playing EQ2 Contest Winner!


Zaladin from the AB server sent in the winning entry and will be receiving a copy of RoK to call his own.

Here is his entry!

This has actually made me consider why I actually DO continue to play this game.
I’m not really over-entertained by the majority of the game-play, and there are alot of improvements
that could be made to the game; to improve the roleplayability.

Then I look at things like the Festival of Unity and The Spider, and remember why.

The community. The people who populate the Antonia Bayle server have to be the most awesome people I have met in or outside of the Internet.

I mean, the radio show you do, which had me in stitches, especially the “500 clusters’ song,
is great example in itself! That is why I play Everquest2. For the most mind-bogglingly awesome
community and role-playing.

but that’s just my opinion

Author: Elquinjena