How We See Things


I just had to blog about this photo.
Wheee!  Fan Faire is here on TwitPic
(click on photo for a larger view, go on I know you want to)

I won’t say what I first thought those things looked like sticking out of the wondrous goodie bags awaiting those who attend Fan Faire this year.  But I will say it made me giggle and laugh my head off.
“OH MY GOD!! *LAUGHS* Those things look like…..

Bixie parts ya…yellow and black…sure..that’s it.

Yet when my 16 yr old son came over to see what had me rolling on the floor …he simply looked at my  screen and said, ” mom what’s so funny about sword hilts?”
I asked Jethal, same thing and got; “hon those are sword hilts from foam swords”

So this got me thinking just how males and females view things.
I am sure there is some scientific study out there proving this point, but I am just to lazy to dig for it.
So I set out on my own, showing that picture to people I know to see just what they saw.
Showed it to Zanadi and Skyheart who both giggled madly…and thought the same thing I did, while Phylok saw only sword hilts. Mmm interesting.
Monte the geek from OGR pondered for a moment and then said: ” swirly ice cream with breast”. I chauk up his responce to being from England.
When I showed it to our guild’s Conjuror, Miragian,  he saw…well…mmm he laughed a great deal.

SO I showed it to others and I got the same responses:

Female: Oh my GOD…those look just like…

Me: yes I know Bixie parts…

Female: what is a Bixie?

Me: never mind you don’t play Everquest do you? They are foam sword hilts.

Female: *Laughs like a mad women” I would never had guess that!!

Next test subject:

Male: *looks at photo for a moment, smiles then says* sword hilts, what did you think they were?

Me: Bixie parts of course…

Male: what is a Bixie?

Me: never mind you don’t play Everquest do you?

So it seems that us females will look at this and see…mmm something else…while males will see it as what it is, foam sword hilts.  I just wonder how many people who will be standing in the LONG registration lines will look back beyond the tables to the sea of good bags and giggle, then be a bit disappointed that they got a sword and not a Bixie in their bags.

Author: Elquinjena