Keeping Up With Fan Faire, Even If You Did Not Go.


If you are like me, stuck at home while many others are heading to Vegas and to the wonderful happening which we call Fan Faire, any news or info about it attracts your attention.

There are many ways that you can experience a part of fan faire from the comfort of your computer chair. We can live the adventure and action of fan faire through others, and here is how.

First up is Grimwell with his Twitter account and his Mojobaby account.
by hooking up with twitter you can then follow SOE fan faire and others like Brenlo and Amiee

speaking of Brenlo, he also has his flickr account and his own twitpic going
There is even a group flickr going for SOE Fan Faire 2008 where anyone can join the group and upload their fan faire pictures.

from these you can view pictures as they are taken and uploaded to the net.

Friday night, Aug 15th at 6pm PST, is going to be a big night where you can either view or listen in to the opening remarks during the second annual Community Address from our favorite SOE President John Smedley . You can either listen in while your in game, or hop over to the web site to view streaming video of this event!

Let us not forget the coverage that is going to be providing Saturday! They won’t be manning a booth this year but they will be a roving band of geeks with laptops and camcorders in tow. Bring us all the live coverage of the different sessions.

Now if you want to get the full pseudo experience, do not sit down when viewing any of these things. Load up a backpack with about 20 lbs of stuff and start jogging in place till your feet ache and your ankles swell. Invite some friends over and stand close together while doing this. Yell out “Povar Rules” or “Povar Sucks”, to make your friends think your a old time Fan Faire goer. And finally, make plans to go to fan faire next year!

Author: Elquinjena