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This is just out from :

Also Den mom has just put up her write up

A listing of what the new guild halls will bring. This is what I can read from the posting..and my take on each subject.

First off the prices:

Tiet 3
1000 plat
Lvl 70
Upkeep 200,000 10pp per Week

Tier 2
500 plat
Lvl 50
Upkeep 3pp and 100k status per week
Escrow system to buy the guild hall
Not lost if guild ownership changes

Amenities are refunded
Escrow carries over

First off ..coming up with 500 plat or even a 1000 is going to be a large strain on smaller guilds. On one hand I can see this giving a guild a common goal to work together. It sounds like the escrow system will allow a guild to pitch in and save up. On the other hand I see all the smaller guilds hurt by this, even our guild, Legion of Kithicor is going to be hard pressed to a guild hall any time soon. Soon I mean with in the next year.

Also since what you paid for one place can be applied to the next one up, you are not losing anything plat wise. There will be a moving crate just like current moving creates.

Getting to and from:
Call of guild hall -Same kind of timer
Portal to your house
Mariner bell for lvl 70 Sneak in or call of gh for 30 and 50
Raid strategist drop flag at zone to raid Tactical rally banner – 1 raid teleport flag worldwide-Lasts 2 hrs
Mariners bell
Druid NPC

From these things sounds like getting to and from the guild halls will be handled with call of guild hall, also mariner bells, npc druids who can port you there, you can enter your home from the guild hall and lastly it sounds like a guild can build a Raid flag list and be able to gather forces and port to the raid zone.

Intraguild broker
Tier 1 at 30. 5 room house 5 cities
Tier 2 at 50 10 room house
Tier 3 at 70 25 room castle ant or cl
My guess on this would be, as long as there is room on the guild broker to put stuff up for sale, a guild member can do so, and the sales of the items would go into the guild account.

Complete tradeskills with npcs in hall
Tradeskill supply depot -Drop all raw materials
On one hand I really dislike the idea of tradeskill NPC’s in the halls, I am afraid that will make the current tradeskill areas in town, empty and unused. I do like the supply depot to drop off raw material for any guild mate to use.

15,000 house item limit
Status upkeep is not from furniture with status reduction
Players can drop furniture but not pick up unless a gh trustee
Set race of all house npcs ALS mannequin system
Buy guards for pvp server houses
Trophies drop off raid mobs -Trakanon. Godking
Log for actions taken in guild hall
Training chest – spawn most mobs from the game and practice

Amenities system
Guild hall items bought by trustee
Guild leader can comp a percent of mender bills from in-house mender
5 amenities at lvl 30
2 for every 5 levels

There is alot of interesting things here, some par for the course such as only trustees being able to buy extra options for the guild hall or picking up stuff. I do not understand the Set race of all house npcs ALS mannequin system. The training chests for npc are interesting. Trophies to hang up in hall showing Mob kills. What is unknown at this moment is just when a guild can add these things to their halls for members to use.

Finally there is this:
Gu48 harvesting writs to build house
House items
“house constructor” title
It seems, like the griffen towers or the spirals, we will be able to work together to help get the guild halls build, that should be fun and interesting.

Author: Elquinjena