Banned on Youtube!


After about 100 or so views and about 5-6 nice comments I was shocked to find that Dark Elf Girl was being pulled from Youtube due to copyright infringement * BOGGLE*! I opened my email at yahoo and found a note from the Web Sheriff, whoa did not even know we had Web Sheriffs!

It was a strange letter which I can not share BUT they were
ASS-U-MEing that there was original or live concert video / audio clips of Van Morrison IN the Parody video, which was made in Everquest 2! Which there was not! My only thought was, ” these guys did not Even watch it, they data mined the youtube site”.  If they HAD they would have seen it was nothing to ding me for on copy writes. Heck do a search on youtube right now for brown eyed girl and you will get a bunch of stuff back, and you will find that those are infringing.

We have always given credit were credit was due and mentioned what song we were doing a parody from. In this case I had put in the description ” a parody song done to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison”.
I belive it was that line which triggered their knee jerk reaction.

From what I understand under Youtube’s rules and such I could counter this with a bunch of legal crap that, could cause the web sheriff to be fined for wrongfully banning it and subject to “liability” for their actions.

Sounds like a big sticky mess to me, so I simply wrote to the copywrite department of youtube and to this web sheriff and explained to both that this is a PARODY music video, there is NO original or live concert video / audio clips of Van Morrison IN the whole thing. It was sung to a Karokie verison of the song and …finally the whole thing is done in the world of Norrath, and MMOPG. Its fan art if nothing else for the game Everquest2. I am waiting to hear back, and will let you know here what happens unless the next letter from this Web Sheriff is again some confidential and copyright piece of mail. Ya it says that in there mail to me which makes little sence, they accuse me of doing something wrong yet I can’t show what they are saying to defend my self?

As a result of this, Jethal has pulled all credits from his songs and I will be doing the same for all my videos. If trying to give credit to those who we parody is wrong, then so be it. Jethal says that King of Parody
Dear ol Al, never says what song he is doing a parody of so I guess we don’t have to either.

In the mean time enjoy the video here or check it out on

Author: Elquinjena