Hidden Message on Tombstone in Unrest


As I announced on the Jethal Silverwing show last night, I had found something strange in the graveyard in the Estate of Unrest.

Drel and I have been hitting Unrest from time to time to try and fill out our collection from that place. She brings in her monk to run interference while I pick up the lovely Shinies.

We do a run around the outside and the back and there is always a Shinies/ glowies in the graveyard. This time while running through I noticed something I had not seen before. There was a text box on this one tomb stone.  Maybe I just had not seen it there before, but Drel on her monk could not see it.



After going through what each of us had on, and what was different since our last trip though the only major thing that was different on me was that I had finished the Maj Dul lines and had my ring of fate on me.

( I want to stop a moment here and thank Kade for his help in my quest to finish out the Maj Dul quest lines, he helped me kick some butt to get to Dorn  ** DORN MUST DIE!!**  and to Spindel and the Vagbond Knights who ran a god king raid which lead me to finishing out this line. I figured since I had gotten the hardest part of it done and closed out the Peacock quest line I might as well do the Faction quests and have access to all 3 factions in Maj Dul. It was a very good set of quests and story lines that I enjoyed greatly, and would tell anyone that if they have not done this line they should go back and do it!! )

Now the only person that I know that left our wonderful and great EQ2 team was our lore master, Vhalen  or Tony “Sir Lucan” Garcia, but I would not call him a “Shaper” or a “Builder”.  Then what or who is this message about ???

I will have to do some more digging to try and figure this out, or see if someone else can come up with an answer. Do some research on the zone and this ring and see if I can figure out who this message is about.

I do know this though, we play the game Everquest II with passion. Every zone, mob, quest and item is created for us by a team of people who also love the game. When we play we lose our selfs in this world and forget sometimes that it took a lot of hard work to bring this to us. That is the magic of it I guess, being able to lose ourselves in this world
and not think about who might have created this zone or that, or had a hand in this creature’s creation or thought up that item, or the person who is working on the code to bring it all together.


It is not easy to remember just who helped create what in our world, like right now I know that Greg “Rothgar” Spence , Tim “Haohmaru” Heydelaar  and Jindrack were part of the team that created our Guild halls for us, but how many of us will remember that in the months to come. I do not even remember who had a hand in creating Unrest, and I love that zone because they kept the flavor that the old one from Everquest 1 had, its different but there is enough there to make me Feel like I am back in the Old Unrest..and I do so like that feeling of being a little familiar with a zone. It brings back memories of day’s past. The point is, it is nice to know who made what for us and be able to say Thank YOU!

Letting these people know that their world was enjoyed is always a nice thing to do. I know I like it when people say they have enjoyed the videos I have made.  It knowing that something I worked on was enjoyed by others makes it all that more worth doing.

OH…now here is something, while looking up names for this to make sure I mentioned the correct people who created our guild halls I saw this : Jindrack World Shaper of the Past.
Mmmmmmmmm  could that relate to the strange message on the tombstone?

If that is the case then you will be missed in our world Jindrack!! and thank you for everything you have done for us, the players! If not, then thank you to our Shaper of Norrath, you helped create a world that we all love to play in.

Author: Elquinjena