Happy Evil Frostfell ~ New Tree


For those who live on the darker side of the street, there is a new Frostfell Tree to be quested for. The quest name is Decoration Additions in (insert city name).

While those of Qeynos, Kelethin and even Gorowyn get the new lovely Frosted Frostfell Tree, those of Freeport and Neriak get a………..well  a Dead Frostfell Tree.

I sent my darker other half, Elquinjana, over to Neriak to see about this other type of frostfell tree. I found Gevil Gigglegibber in the Dockside Market area, just above one of the entrances that lead down to the tradeskill area.

Before talking to him I took a closer look at the Dead Frostfell Tree:

After looking at it was not too sure but what the heck, maybe throwing some tinsel on it later would help. Nothing says Merry Frostfell like a charle brown tree eh?

The following is a lose walk through of the quest, but the most important part is at the END of this quest line.  What drives me when in doing quests is the dialogue, and this one had the best one at the end.   SO if your interested in the quest, keep scrolling down. If your more interested in the funny bit at the end, then hop down to the bottom of the page.

“Hail, Gevil Gigglegibber”

Gevil Gigglegibber  says to you, “Happy Frostfell for you!  Yes, yes!  You wants one of  Gevil’s special holiday trees.”

“I don’t think so.”

Gevil Gigglegibber  says to you, “What?!  Bah!  Course you do!  You no chop or bought such trees anywhere like Gevil’s.”

“I do?”
Gevil Gigglegibber  says to you, “Yes!  Course you do!  You no chop or bought such trees anywhere like Gevil’s.”

“That’s a relief.”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “You want Gevil’s special Frostfell tree!”

“I do!  They are perfect!”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “This Gigglegibber make happy to deal make with you!  Frostfell days of happy time and sharing happy smiles with others.  You share happy with others in city.”

“I am willing to help spread the joy of Frostfell.”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Perfect good!  You put up sparklies, color bright bits, in the city!”

“You want me to help decorate?”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Yes, yes!  You grab the badger by the tail!  Decorate the city dark areas.  I gives you sparklies and you puts them  in blah spots.”

“Sounds good!”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “You knows where to puts the sparklies, ‘cuz them blah spots be marked by other Gigglegibbers.”

“I’ll be back, Gevil!”

So off you go to find the green sparklies! Just head up the tunnel from Gevil to the temple, then up to the waterfall in the tunnel, then on up to Deaths Grotto, take the telepad if you can use it back over the Indigo Hollow and run down into the foreign quarter.

You can either get the loc numbers by  clicking on Neriak or you can grab a copy of the map here. I borrowed a map from The Brasse because she makes the best!! I added BIG YELLOW dots for the green sparklies spots.

Just click on the spot and Ta DA ~

The only tricky one is the last one where….Mr. McScroogle does not like what you are doing!
Mr. McScroogle says, “I’ll teach you to litter decorations about!”
SO word of caution here, he shows up as your same level. If you have younger ones around you, let them go first or else if your high level, a High level McScoogle will show up and wipe them out.

You have killed Mr. McScroogle.
*dusts hands off* Easy way to take care of that bothersome gnome!
Time to run back and get your tree!
Gevil Gigglegibber says, “Merry Frostfell to all!”

“Hail, Gevil Gigglegibber”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “I has happy mouth to see you again, Elquinjana!  You done sparklies spreadin’?”

“I am.”
Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Hmm.  Something’s wrong.  I sees it!  What not go right?”

“I put up the decorations, but then McScroogle showed up.  He burnt them and attacked me!”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Eeks and yipes!  That ‘splains why sparklies never stuck there.  Why that grump-bump no like them, I’ll never knows.  But you done good and should be getting’ special tree.  Take tree ticket and pick up the besparkled tree!”

“Thank you!”

So I run off and put the tree up!!

There is also a bat version and other lighting options. To get those you must visit frostfell and do A Frostfell Favor. Once you complete that quest you will be given many more lighting options! You only need to do this once it seems. The new trees I got this year had full options on them, and I did this quest many frostfells ago.

Its a nice evil tree and all but its dead! SO I went back to Complain!!

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Happy Frostfell!”

“‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint.”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “A what?”

“Look, I took the liberty of examining that tree when I got it home, and I discovered the only reason that it had been sitting in its bucket in the first place was that it had been NAILED there.”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “Course it was nailed there!  You no want it to walk away.”

“”Walk”?!?  Mate, this tree wouldn’t “walk” if Tunare put four million lightning bolts through it!  It’s bleedin’ demised!”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “No, no! It’s pining!”

“It’s not pinin’!  It’s passed on!  This tree is no more!  It has ceased to be!  It’s expired and gone to meet the goddess!  It’s a stiff!  Bereft of life, it rests in peace!  It’s off the twig!  It’s kicked it’s snowball bucket.  It’s shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and landed in the bleedin’ Ethernere!  THIS IS AN EX-TREE!!”

Gevil Gigglegibber says to you, “I tells you what, I sell another tree ticket to you to makes up for it.  Just 1 plat!”

“I don’t have 1 plat to spend on another tree, even if I wanted one.”

And there you have it!! Bravo’s for the Dead Parrot skit usage!! Love it!!
SO what are you waiting for?  Get in game and get your Dead Frostfell Tree NOW before they are all gone!
Oh wait…they are gone arn’t they? Extree and all =D

Author: Elquinjena