EverQuest II Recruit-A-Friend Kicks off with a Bang!


Now is the best time to grab your friend, brother, sister, cousin, co-worker, everyone you know, (except maybe that guy who hangs out by the freeway entrance with a “will work for food sign”) and get them into the wonderful world of Norrath!

First they get a 14 day trial to all of the content up to RoK, they won’t be stuck out on some newbie island or forced to play a fae, oh no..we are talking about the whole Jumjum Pie  here!

Next, if you get them to stay on and become a full member you will get a credit to your own account. They will just toss that on at the end of your current sub. They will credit game play time up to 20 people you bring in and sign up with in the first 30 days.

ON top of that you can get a new mount, which you have two to choise from.
There is also station cash and LoN cards for your first person you drag in and get to stay.

Heck that fiery mount sure looks good, I might even become my own best friend and sign up again!

Head over to the Info Page and get started inviting today!


also there is more info about this over on the EQ2 forums


Author: Elquinjena