FreeRealms Archery Class Missing The Mark


I was very excited to start up my membership in FreeRealms just so I could go and try out the Archery Profession.
I tend to play Rangers or Ranger type classes where I go, I just feel better in a bow type toon than any others.

Its my thing,
its what I do,
Let me shoot my bow at you.


Archery is one of the Jobs that are members only along with Medic, Wizard, Blacksmith. While there are plenty of other jobs I could be doing such as brawler, cook, miner, ninja, I just HAD to be an archer!

Once in I had to track down Lugabow, who is tuck away down south and west in the world.


Hummm no gate stone, no close by cities, just out in the corner of NO where not even on a main path, just little dirt paths that wound its way through the woods.  This should have told me something off the bat, but I just left it off to it being a Elite class, only the brave would travel this far out of the way to take up Archery and become a Archer!.

I found the Lugabows camp and set to work!

Hummm, well I am a NEWBIE archer I guess I should not expect to look  super cool yet.

Lugabow had a few quests for me to do,  which I jumped on, ignoring the others quests in the camp for now. After doing them he sent me off from the camp to talk to another archer who was, can you guess?

Out in the middle of further no where, not even standing on a road, just sort of a flat spot between some hills.

He too gave me a few quests which took me up to about level 2 and I got some new cloths

Ok still I look like I have a weird type golf hat that old men wear when on vacation to Bermuda or Disneyland, but the rest is coming along nicely.

Afterwards he tells me to come back when I am level 5.
I am only level 2, maybe 2 1/2, how am I going to reach level 5? Then I remember all the quests back at the camp so I hurry back there to check them out.

I get back and gather them up, none of them have anything to do with archery. Just go get me this and one quest to get reports from scouts who won’t talk to me and its a timed quest. Lets just say 2 mins is not enough time to get untalking archer scouts to talk to you.

So I am stuck!  The only lead I have is to go visit bullseye who offers me one quest which is just about right for my little level, the other is harder and is marked for level 5 and up.

If I want to get to the next needed level of 5 I will have to GRIND.
Go off to the one battle instance and get tired of it quickly, I then just start hitting any that I can do at my level.

This was something I did not expect to find with a members only class after there was so many quest for the non member battle jobs. I wonder how the wizards, medic and blacksmiths are fairing, maybe I will find out later, for now you will have to excuse me, I need to go do some Grinding if I want to be a mighty archer like this.

Author: Elquinjena