EQ2:Going down with the Chronomagi


I had heard that the Chronomages had set up shop down in the Qeynos Harbor, so I rode over one day to see what the excitement was all about.

I greeted Shiharra Veldin who then explained to me what they were doing.

“We can set you back to a time in your life when your strength was still growing. A time of learning the bounds of your abilities, of your skill, of your courage. In doing this, you may find you’ve always possessed strength you were unaware existed, and conquer enemies that once would have proven deadly.”, Shiharra Veldin explained to me. She then offered me the mission Path of the Past – Eternal Gorge. I then talked to the Timeless Chronomage, paid my 5 gold and 100 status to have him reduce me back to level 30.

I had to do a bit of thinking as to where the Eternal Gorge was, it had been a very long time since I had visited this place. For those of you who need a reminder, it is in the top of the Zarvonn’s Tower in the Commonlands.

towerThere is a access quest you might have to do if you have not done already.
You can find a run down on that here: Zarvonn’s Legacy

I had a blast going back to such a old zone, it had been such a long time since I was here with a full group. This time I was alone, mentored down and kicking major butt. It was an excellent way to spend a few hours in the evening. When I finished off the boss mob, Zarvonn’s Creation,  I stayed mentored and headed back to Qeynos Harbor to turn in my mission.

I got 1000 faction points and I think a bit of coin for my troubles, but the best part came when I checked in with the Timeless Trader – Chornomagic Reward Merchant. Not only did he offer 4 sets of armor.  Cermonial Plate in  Verdant,  Royal Blue,  Regal, Frosted.

Verdant Cermonial Plate
Verdant Cermonial Plate

Royal Blue Cermonial Plate
Royal Blue Cermonial Plate

Regal Cermonial Plate
Regal Cermonial Plate

Frosted Cermonial Plate
Frosted Cermonial Plate

They also had a small replica of the boss mob I had just killed!   How cool!

Word of Caution on the Mobby Dolls!
You need to finish your mission the same day it is given or else you will not have the option to buy that Named mob’s Replica. The Replica’s or “Mobby Dolls”, are only offered the same day that the mission was given!

I did try to enlarge him but it didn’t work, he showed enlarged until I put him down and he shrank again. Maybe that is just as well, people might faint if they came into my house and found a full size boss mob waiting for them.

I went back the next with hopes that they would send me out again. I had heard rumors that they were not talking to people after their first trip out. I was excited that she did offer me another mission, this time to Firemyst Gully out in Antonica.

When I was done I returned again and checked Timeless Trader – Chornomagic Reward Merchant to see if there would be a small Galintari the Apocryphal for me to buy.

To my surprise there was one but I could no longer buy a mini Zarvonn’s Creation. The new boss I had just killed replaced the old boss.  So if you want to start a collection of the boss mobs, you had best buy them before you finish your next mission or you will miss your chance.

Starting my own little boss mob doll collection!

I am looking forward to tomorrow to find out where Shiharra Veldin will send me. My only concern at this time is when she sends me to a place that I can not do alone. My only hope will be, that I can find others who will be interested in going along on this blast from the past adventure.

If you have not made the trip to the Qeynos harbor or to the Gorowyn Chronomagi Tasker – Claurk D’Arket, you should make some time and go then you too can go down with the Chronomagi!

Author: Elquinjena