Interview with Cronyn Our EQ2 Lore Dwarf


If you love the lore of Norrath and the challenge of sleuthing out clues, July 17th 2009 was a day to remember.

People had gathered in game waiting patently for the fun to begin. We made use of the befallen.lore chat and voice channels along with keeping our eyes glued to the History and Lore area of  the SOE Everquest 2 forums.

Our new lore person, Cronyn, would soon be released from the cage that Kiara had trapped him in, bring us and the world of Norrath the clues which would lead us to discover the first of many lore books, which will be used to herald in our next up coming expansion, Sentinel’s Fate.

Cronyn made a big impression with those of us who are lore hounds, staying late into night to make sure everything got into the world for us, then releasing our first clue to decipher.  Players made use of the chat and voice channels along with the use of the forum.

Oh… I found something!

Like a pack of starving wolves we devoured the content and quickly, discovering what we had to do to find this book.  This was repeated again when the next lore book was released.

Oww!! Me head!

It was simply amazing to be apart of this dynamic adventure! To see, listen, read, search and work with fellow players from across all servers to decipher the clues given, brain storming and conversing. It was not about who would discover this item first, it was about team work and helping each other out. Everyone took a part and ran with it, some worked with the clues, while others searched places in game. It was exciting, thrilling and most of all, some of the best fun to be had.

While we wait for the 3rd installment of this series of lore books I snuck down to where Kiara keeps Cronyn locked up in hopes of interviewing him. After startling poor Cronyn half to death, since he is not used to many visitors outside of Kiara, and offering a share a keg of Brells finest with him, we sat down and had a talk.

First off how do you say your name property? I ask because I am just terrible at pronouncing names correctly.

It’s like Kron-in.  I tried to make it all fantasy and dwarf-like, and it seems a lot of people have trouble with it.  Ha!

No, no its a great name! Very dwarfish, I just have a problem pronouncing names.

Also what is your proper title? I mean I am sure you don’t want me to just call you “the lore guy” or “the lore person”.

Technically, I’m the content design lead, but that isn’t nearly as cool as “Lore Guy”, or “Lore Dwarf”.  In all honesty though, everyone here contributes and helps to develop the stories in our game.  So really, my job is just to do what I can to make sure it fits, and help make sure the pieces connect together where possible.

Well I will officaly dub you our Lore Dwarf! That has a nice ring to it too!
When one thinks of dwarfs they also think of ale, armor, and other dwarf things, but hardly ever books and lore.
What brought you to loving books and lore?

Ah, now see, we dwarves love telling stories, singing songs, and retelling the tales of our deeds!  Of course we love lore!  What better way to spend our time with an ale in one hand, and an axe in the other?  I spent two decades playing Dungeons and Dragons, the majority of the time as a Dungeon Master.  I love world building, and helping to bring the story forward for the players – I feel good lore helps support the adventures they are on, and gets them more invested in the world overall.

You really have brought some great dynamic content to the world of Norrath for us with the current series of lore books that will bring us to our  expansion. When you were creating our first book and clues, what was the most exciting part of it for you?
Was it the creation of the starter clue? or creation of the over all quest?

It’s really the whole thing – they all have their own rewards.  Really though, the part I look most forward to when the players actually get the clue, and start working together to decipher it.  That’s a lot of fun to watch.

Those of us who are into the Lore of Norrath were highly impressed at your commitment to get the lore book quest out for us to tackle. You stayed extra long hours on that first one, what kept you going during those hours? Ale? Pie, cake?

Ale for certain. *Laughs!*
Actually, it was coffee… a lot of coffee.  And Mystery Science Theater 3000 running in the background.  I should have tried cake, too – like red velvet cake… mmm… caaaaake…

You do know that cake is the lie right? Much safer with pie but I will say Red Velvet cake is very yummy!!

Where you at all shocked at how quickly people pounced and literally gobbled up the lore book quest that first night?

Nope.  I expected it to be consumed very quickly.  There’s one of me and thousands of them, and they are all much smarter than I am… I didn’t figure it would take much.
* Smiles*
My main concern is if they enjoyed themselves, and are enjoying the lore they’ve been given… that’s what matters most.

It is extremly enjoyable and some of the best fun to be had in game!
It is truly magical and exciting to be a part of the group that comes together to work on the clues and the hunt for each new lore book. Using the in game text, the voice chat and the use of the forum. Do you just read the forum or are you allowed in game to watch and listen to the brain storming?

I usually just browse the forums.  It’s been pretty busy getting things put together for the expansion around here, so I do what I can to see the progress on the forums.

It has been said that Kiara locks you up in between lore book releases. Why is that?  and does she treat you well? supply you with lots of ale and pixie sticks?

I’m not sure how that started, honestly.  I think she put a stout in a cage, and I happened by and saw the stout, and you can’t really leave a stout just sitting around – who does that?!  Next thing I know there’s a door slamming and cackling.  And no.  There are no pixie sticks.  She could do with more cake, I think, though.

Aye you gota watch out for that Kiara she is a crafty one!

So, how do you like to drink your coffee? Black? cream sugar?

Black.  Sometimes I’ll put sugar in it if it’s really strong, but otherwise I just take it straight. *Smiles*

Me too!! Cream and sugar is for sissys! * bumps Cronyn in the shoulder and smiles*
Now, I belive we have gone through two lore people thus far, which makes you our 3rd one. I know this might not be a fair question but, are you planning on sticking around for while?

I love EverQuest.  The major reason I’m even in this industry is because of it, and I feel honored that I have a chance to help shape and guide it, and am working with a passionate group of people that all share the same love for the game that I do.  So yeah, I’m planning to stick around for a good while still. *Winks*

Good to hear!!
Now Can I ask how many more lore book quest do we have to look forward to?

I have a few more planned, although an exact number might not be fair, because a lot depends on the schedule.  However, I will continue to roll them out, and I’m hoping in the future they get a little more involved and have their scope expanded.

When the current lore book quests end, will there be any future dynamic lore quests to look forward to?

Yeah, my plan is to continue this kind of content going forward.  I enjoy doing it, and I hope the players are enjoying getting them.*Smiles*

I am a big collector of in game books.  I enjoy reading the lore and collecting. I know this has been asked before and I know it was to be looked into, but, there are still many lore books in game which one can only get with a quest starter book. Any word on the drop rate of these starter books? Many feel the rate is extremely too low.  I know its been extremely frustrating to my self in trying to finish off books from the Ruins of Varsoon, Runnyeye, Temple of Cazic-Thule just to name a few.

It’s something I can look into, but at this point I can’t say when that might be.  I want players to have access to the lore in the game without having to jump through too many hoops, so it definitely something I would like to make easier.

Seems some are showing up more often lately and I know with the new mentor system in place, going back to these zones at level should help. I still think chests drop more often off greens than grey mobs, but anyways…moving on…

Have you ever seen the player compiled list of in game books?
Are we missing any?

I haven’t, but I think I can pull that data.  If there are some you guys are missing, I will see about getting those into your hands, if I can indeed find out which books those are.

*pulls out a scroll* here is what I have so far along with what others have compiled just to get you started.

I want to thank you for your time and want to let you know that the lore community is extremely excited to have you as our current lore person. You have brought us excitement with the current dynamic lore book quests.

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment!

Thanks so much.  But really, this is about you guys.  I love the lore, too, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to work on it.  Thanks to all of you for your passion for EverQuest 2 and the story it tells.

Is there anything else you want to add that I did not ask?

I’m running out of ale in here.  Someone let me out!

Author: Elquinjena