Station Cash – a year of bling


It’s been a year since Station Cash was introduced by Sony Online Entertainment, and the world is still OK, monkeys haven’t gone on a rampage killing the innocent – has the thought of Micro Transactions ticked off a few people?  Yes, most definitely…

Even I, your friendly singer of Parody and Madness, wrote a song about Station Cash – and my message about the service hasn’t changed one bit.  If you’re against it, don’t buy it.  Simple, isn’t it?

And, how have I spend my Station Cash?  I can say that I have a good looking in-game house filled with the finest furniture Crafters Can’t Make.  And that’s a sore spot with alot of folks in the Tradeskill Community – Why can’t they make these items??  Simply put – Because Sony wants to Sell them.  And I (and the other folks buying station cash) are paying for them..   Because some times, whipping out $20 of real money is easier to do than grind through quests and writs to make the plat to pay for similar items in game.  Some folks, myself included.. don’t have that kind of time.

So for you hard working folks who scratch and save and kill for your plat, I say Good for you!  Keep it up!  But for the rest of us who are too busy or too lazy… there is Station Cash.

Author: Jethal