Movie Weekend Review


This week, Elquin and I had a weekend of Movies, some old, some new.. here’s what we thought..

John Carpenter’s “Pro-Life”When a scared 15-year-old girl (Caitlin Wachs) goes to an isolated clinic to end her pregnancy, her anti-abortion activist father (Ron Perlman) and brothers arrive, heavily armed and determined to force their way in and stop the procedure. But there’ll be hell to pay when the baby’s unearthly father gets involved. Emmanuelle Vaugier and Mark Feuerstein co-star in this episode of the spine-chilling Showtime series, directed by John Carpenter.

  • Jethal Said:  Ron Perlman was the only name I recognized in the cast, and that’s for a reason.. he’s the only thing that made this movie bearable.  The acting was horrible, the effects where something out of a 1980’s B-flick… and the story was anti-climatic with no surprises, suspense or believable action.  I expected so much more from John Carpenter.
  • Elquin Said:  Good actors; Ron Perlman best known for beauty and the beast and lately for his work as Hell boy,  Mark Feuerstein known lately for being another doctor on Royal Pains in a bad movie what the heck was John Carpenter thinking?
    • Perlmans character is a religious fanatic who has caused enough problems at a abortion clinic to get a restrain order, goes after his daughter who has taken refuse at the clinic where Feuersteins character works at.  The only thing with merit in this movie was the needless special effects of blowing a chunk out of someone head. Oh boy! meaty chunky goodness.
    • The daughter was raped by some sort of demon but yet her father thinks he is talking to god,  HELLO deep demonic voices in your head is your sign something is not right.
    • Perlmans character goes on to lose 2 sons in a shoot out in the clinic and then stop to spend time to torturer  one of the head doctors of the clinic with his own abortion machine ( the guy was dead before he started that so what’s the point? except movie filler)
    • Mother shoots and kills demon off spring which looks like something from the first toy story movie ( baby head, spider like legs, no arms).  I would have watched ice pirates over this any day.

Braid De Palma’s “The Fury” When telekinetic teens Robin (Andrew Stevens) and Gillian (Amy Irving) become the target of a government baddie (John Cassavetes, who wants to exploit their powers for weapons of mass destruction), the boy’s father (Kirk Douglas) is determined to stop him. Watch for Daryl Hannah and Laura Innes in their film debuts.

  • Jethal Said:  More campy than paranormal.. I have to admit, the movie actually had some funny moments.. but, for being a movie about telekinetic Teenagers.. there was very little telekinesis going on.. until the very end, when the ONLY special effect was Gillian uses her mind to blow up the bad guy… and that looked like a sand bag with red-sand going off.  /shrug – I suppose for a movie made in the 70’s, it wasnt too bad.
  • Elquin Said: The start was fine, and the movie ended with a bang, but there was little to no real meat in between, just a way to tie the two ends together.  I think I would have enjoyed Ice pirates more, at least some parts of it..maybe not the whole movie.

James Cameron’s “Avatar” (seen in 3d):  When disabled Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) becomes an avatar spy and space travels to Pandora to mine — and exploit — an Earth-rescuing mineral, he soon finds himself involved in an interstellar conflict with the alien Na’vi race. After meeting Na’vi warrior Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), Jake begins to question his loyalties.

  • Jethal Said:  OK, I went into this movie thinking two things.. 1, nothing but a special effects show.  2, this was going to be a guilt movie about the native americans.  Partially, I was correct on both thoughts.  BUT, Avatar goes so much beyond my expectations with acting and story, that I can not say enough good things – well done!
  • Elquin Said: WOW! WOW!!
    A must see in 3D !!  Want to see this again in 2D to see if I get drawn in as much.  Some say it reminds them of fern gully, and yes its a old story of greedy humans over running a lesser culture than their own to take what they have or at least try to. It just drives home how greedy corporate company can be with little to no care for the environment or the people who are part of it.  But this movie is more than just that, and the tale of it draws you in and keeps you there. The graphics for this movie are fantastic! This is a owner to add to your collection!! This is one of the few movies that I would really want to see again while it is in the theater.


  • Note: Jethal has been picking our movie watching experiences lately and had really picked out some dogs, to the point where I cringe when he says the title of the new offerings of the week. He can not stand Ice Pirates and would rather shove ice picks in his eyes than ever watch that movie again. I on the other hand, like Ice Pirates…even if it was campy, low budget and has space herpes.

    So when I say I would rather watch Ice pirates over his choice, it is only to rib him on how badly I thought a movie was and possibly how many times I should subject him to a reviewing of that movie =D

Author: Jethal