Meet the Press


Here at we’re expanding our horizons by combining the efforts of Jethal and Elquinjena’s articles as well as the addition of the Gnomie Adventures of Santinea!

What does this mean for our guild mates?  Well not a whole lot more than it will for everyone else.  More wild speculation, more articles, more information and maybe a few jumjum cookies thrown into the mix!

Leader and founder of the Legion of Kithicor. Since 2002, Jethal has been writing and recording Parody Music for the EverQuest community, and with Elquinjena by his side.. made the jump to EverQuest2 in 2004.
Elquinjena has been in Norrath since 2000 with the release of Velious of EQ. She moved on to EQ2 after being in beta. Even though she hunts in the dark forests of Kithicor, she is always by Jethal’s side trying not to get him killed.
A small, friendly gnome who constantly gets lost in Norrath. Santinea somehow finds her way around with a little help from her friends. She always carries a staff twice her size, and Jum Jum cookies, just for good measure. Santinea has been in Norrath since 2003, moved over to EQ II in 2004 upon finding her home in the Legion two years later.

As a reminder, if you have any bookmarks pointing to Elquinjena’s blog, you may want to change them to pointing here… we will not remove “The Dark Forest” any time soon, but all of her new articles will be posted here.

Author: Jethal