Tradeskill Adventure


After going astray and going to the wrong place I arrived upon Spire Island where I went exploring. What else do us Gnomes enjoy doing then explore? Right before I arrived to the Paineel teleporter, which is an evil thing but necessary to get to Paineel; there is this person named Felice Adae who didn’t want to go and talk to the new people. She was afraid to say hi to someone new or I think that is what she said. She told me about the wanting to start trade in the area and wanted me to check it out. Well I, being the kind person I am, decided to help out, I mean it was for the Far Seas Trading company right? 

 Upon arrival to Paineel there was quite the bustle but after being in awe, I finally found the places and people I needed to talk to. I of course got lost a few times and had to ask for directions but found the information just the same. After multiple comings and goings from this wonderful city and having me place some listening devices in remote locations for more research, I quickly learned about the city and the people here. With each return to Felice, she felt it necessary to give me a token, not knowing what this token may give me I shoved it in my pocket and continued on helping.

Felice was pleased with the information I had found. She had me then get in with the craftkeepers so that it would make outside trade easier. So away I went to them, I inquired if I could be of service. They were tentative at first but after finding out more about the local flora, the craftkeeper contact, Adeela, had a list of places for me to go within the city. With each place they wanted me to ask around to see if I could help with anything as a representative of the crafters.

Each person I talked to they requested things that the crafters had not yet delivered. They wanted things like weapons and steel and tinkered gadgets. I looked at them thinking, ‘I make Jum Jum cookies not weapons or armor.’ But they gave me the recipes and I took them read over them and decided to at least try my best.  After completing each request they were very grateful and had redeemed the confidence in the Craftkeepers.

I came back to Adeela, the craftkeeper, only to find that she forgot to fill an order. She gave me a list of more things I was not sure how to make. Yet again recipe in hand thinking ‘Cookies I make cookies’ I had done my best to fill the order with haste. Bringing the attempted order back to Adeela, she had told me that the order had already gone out. Thinking as I go ‘How did they even function before the adventurers came to their town?’ I took the offer to deliver the goods. Upon my arrival they then requested yet more supplies this time half of the order is right up my alley, blankets and some food and drink. Thinking I can do these I go make the required items. After finally finishing the orders and coming back to the Adeela to tell her the good news. She thanked me but had nothing more for me at the time.

Excited I returned back to the Far seas trading contact and let her know of the job well done. Then assuming she would send me somewhere else I offered to go on a death mission. Death mission, I tell you. She told me to go to an isle filled with Kerra, what I didn’t know was the baddies there were terrible. I snuck my way into the town. I again got lost but after asking someone again for directions I found the contact. Upon talking with him he sent me upon yet another task, knowing that Felice wanted the update as quick as possible I decided to set the task aside for the moment.

I ran let Felice know what had happened and the request the Kerra had made of me. She was so excited with all of the information I had offered she then went on her way to make the arrangements leaving me to my explorations I was left there with a bunch of tokens and a curiosity that is yet to be satisfied. For some reason I have this sneaky suspicion that she is going to request more from me some day I just know it. Until then I will be working on getting to know these Kerra and Eruidites. Hopefully I can find these items that the Kerra requested, maybe with out getting lost.

Author: Jethal