Contest! EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate Advice!


Starting, well since last night on the Jethal Silverwing Show Feb 23rd, we are holding a contest for EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate Advice!

Do you have any words of wisdom, advice or little known facts that you would like to share with other players?  We want them!!

Make them simple, funny, interesting and send them in, we will be collecting them up till our next show on March 2nd. We will read them all on the air then post them all on for everyone to vote on up till March 9th.  Winners will get………mmm..somethings from the goodie box we have.

Still not sure what to submit? Well here is my example: DO NOT try and jump off the Kerra Isle to the Tiger pit isle without having feather fall on, other wise it will hurt real bad!

So come on people, lets hear what little pieces of advice you have learned while enjoying EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate!  It can be like my example or it can be things like tips on quests, mobs, areas.  Just don’t make them long and drawn out, keep it simple!

When you have one, write it up and send it to

Author: Elquinjena